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Moroccan Opus: III. Dissonance (Ifrane/Fes)

I visited the cities of Ifrane and Fes back to back and was shocked by how different they were. While physically close in proximity, the two cities seemed to exist in two different time periods of Moroccan culture. While in Ifrane, we were able to take Moroccan and Islamic history classes at the local university. Once we traveled to Fes, it was as if we had stepped inside those ancient lessons and into a historically preserved city of Morocco. The juxtaposition of these two cities was something I pondered for a while, allowing me to reflect upon my opportunity to experience the diversity of the many Moroccan cities.

Audio Credits: Lirah (Abdel Ali Slimani), Alger Alger (Les Orientales), Saab Alyia (Samira Said), Mauvais Sang (Khaled), Advertisement recorded by Geoff Lloyd

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