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Moroccan Opus: V. Silence (Amsouzert)

This is a more personal piece about the culmination of our trip: a multi-day trek across the high Atlas Mountains in order to reach the village of Amsouzert. For the majority of the trek, we had no cell service or access to utilities like running tap water, electricity, or paved roads. We were trekking and camping […]

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Moroccan Opus: I. Prelude (Casablanca)

Casablanca was the city that introduced me to the amazing country of Morocco. Because it’s known as the economic city of Morocco, we mainly spent our days visiting companies, tourist destinations, and the local malls and piers around our hotel. It was a great place to begin my study abroad journey. Although it was considered […]

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Travel Tips

Tahiti China Geomarc PaneloGeomarc Manahan Panelo is a senior in the University of Washington studying American Ethnic Studies and a minor in Labor Studies and Diversity. He studied abroad in Tahiti-Huahine and China the summer of 2014.

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