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Light, Shadow, then the Color

I met many people during my trip abroad. Some of them smiled at me, some of them helped me, and most of them just walked by. To me, the crowd is part of street view, and simultaneously, I become part of the street view to them. The city is a stage, and everyone is both an actor and spectator. They are shaped and restricted by the culture, but they also shape it. 

I edited photos from my trip into a form of Kamishibai or street play—the places where I met these people appear like a background setting, while they and I are drawn like actors on a stage. We arrive and we leave like actors, and the place remains the same. We both learned something from each other, which changes our perception of each other’s identities and allows us to reflect on our own. In all the interactions, I see both light and shadow, but only after the initial perception is challenged and consolidated can I truly enjoy the experience in full color.

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