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Reconstructed Truths

My piece explores the gray realm of memory, how it is impossible to preserve a past perfectly despite one’s commitment to accuracy. Amidst the plethora of internal voices and feelings, memories are constantly dissolved, reconstructed, and forged. When I revisit Kathmandu through the printing of photos and the watching of captured moments, I wondered how would I find my voice, which truth would I want to stick to.

The chosen visual method displays distance; like many travel videos, where only selected good things are displayed, my voice of discontentment, fear, and frustration is hidden and suppressed. I chose to only display the friendships made as the intangible and humanly connections have proven to be the most influential in my conscious reconstruction of Kathmandu. Due to a personal feeling of gratitude and the shortness expected of one’s answer to the question, “How was your trip?”, I couldn’t display a deeper sense of discontentment to the public.

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