Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC), University of Washington

Core Leadership

Administrative Core, ADRC Director

Thomas Grabowski, MD

ADRC Program Manager

Annika Noreen, PhD, PMP

Clinical Core

Suman Jayadev, MD

Outreach, Recruitment, & Education Core

Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, MD

Neuropathology & Targeted Molecular Testing Core

C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhD

Data Management & Statistics Core

Ellen Wijsman, PhD

Satellite Core

Dedra Buchwald, MD


Revised, Expanded NACC FY2018 Funding Opportunity Announcement: New Investigator Awards

October 20, 2017 — The New Investigator Awards will be funded at a level of $135,000 each (total costs) and no longer require focus solely on the secondary analysis of NACC data, plus other new highlights. Read more.

WATCH: Updated Diagnostic Criteria and Management of Lewy Body Dementia, DLB Consortium

October 16, 2017 — The new criteria elevate the importance of REM sleep disorder and incorporate the biomarker MIBG. DLB Consortium leaders hope that the diagnostic and management guidelines help clinicians catch more DLB cases. This resource will make this cognition and movement disorder more tractable for biomarker research, longitudinal cohorts, and clinical trials. Have you adopted the guidelines? What’s working, what’s not? How are they informing your research? View here.

NIH completes atlas of human DNA differences that influence gene expression

October 11, 2017 — This atlas is a critical resource for the scientific community interested in how individual genomic variation leads to biological differences, like healthy and diseased states, across human tissues and cell types. The culmination of work from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Consortium, the atlas catalogs how genomic variation influences how genes are turned off and on.

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