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About Dimensions Magazine

Dimensions is a bi-annual magazine produced by the UW ADRC Outreach, Recruitment, and Education (ORE) Core. Each issue of Dimensions seeks to update people who are interested in ADRC research about the latest dementia findings and news stories, as well as relevant local events and other aspects of healthy aging.  To recieve the PDF by email, subscribe above. To recieve *free* hardcopies of the magazine, please provide your mailing address to Genevieve Wanucha at or 206.685.1304.

View/Download previous issues of Dimensions, 2007-current:

Spring/Summer 2019 Featured publications - Voice diagnostics -Busting myths about Alzheimer's treatments & diets - Diversity in research participation - Creating legacy while living with dementia - Poetry and Arts Showcase - and much more.

Fall 2018 - Bringing a New Vision of Social Citizenship to the Cascadia Region; Inventing a Blood Test for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases; The Gut Microbiome and Brain Health; “Ooh La La!” In the Garden with Ciscoe Morris; Poems & Essays; UW Huntington's Disease Symposium; Dementia Friends Comes to WA State; Highlights of the AAIC 2018; The Freshest Data on Diet and Cognition; Students, Is a Neuroscience Major Right For You?

Spring 2018 Resilience in Alzheimer's Disease: 6 Ways to Build a Stronger Brain, Mind, and Spirit at Any Stage of Life; Fish Oil and Seafood for Brain Health: What's the Evidence?; New Clinical Trial; Federal Funding News; Highlights of the ADRC Pilot Projects; Student Spotlight; Update on the WA State Dementia Action Collabortative; Co-Participants: The Unsung Heroes of ADRC Research Studies; Grand Prize in National Dementia Friendly Photo Contest

Fall 2017 Dancing to Remember: The Science of Brain Healthy Activities; Local Opportunities; Addressing Alzheimer's Disease in Native American Communities; The Tiny Worm Driving UW Alzheimer's Research; This Summer's Ride4Alz Motorcycle Tour; Updates from London's Alzheimer's Association Int'l Conference AAIC 2017; Essays & Poems: Garden Walkers

Winter/Spring 2017 Presto Change-O! Neurons in a Dish; Statewide Innovations in Dementia Policy; Recipes for a Healthy Brain; Prazosin: Agitation Antidote; the Rising Stars of Alzheimer's Research; The Art of Alzheimer's Exhibit

Fall 2015: Precision Medicine: Alzheimer's Treatments Tailored to Suit You; UW ADRC 30th Birthday; Recent Publications; Letter from the Editors; Sleeping in Seattle; Momentum for Momentia; Good Food; Brain Healthy Activities; A Letter That Traveled the World

Fall 2014: The Genetics, Demographics, and Environment of Alzheimer’s and Hope; UW ADRC Biomarkers; Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Updates; Letter from the Editors; Writer, Filmmaker, and UW ADRC Participant: An Interview with Ann Hedreen; SNIFF: Alzheimer's Disease and Nasal Insulin; Community Opportunities; If at First You Don't Succeed; Food for Thought; The Healing Arts: An Interview with Local Art Therapist Erin Partridge

Spring 2013: Memories Made and Unmade: Alzheimer's Effects on Four Stages of Memory; The Human Connectome Project; Global Research Updates; Walking the Neuro-Path: An Interview With New ADRC Director Dr. Thomas Montine; Resveratrol, Anger Management: Caregiver Tips for Handling Alzheimer's Behavioral Symptoms; Annual Alzheimer's Benefit Dance

Spring 2012: Connecting the Dots: Dr. Gail Li and the Epidemiology of Alzheimer's; Local Research Updates; An Upside to Risk Factors; Lumbar Puncture Myth Buster; William Utermohlen: Self Portraits of Alzheimer's; Questions Answered with Linda Whiteside of the Alzheimer's Association; Making a Greater Investment in Alzheimer's; Gloria's Story

Fall 2011: Fingers Crossed: Potential for Progress in a New Era of Alzheimer's; ICAD Updates; Heart to Heart; Study Updates: Where We Are Now; A Dance to Remember; Improv for Alzheimer's; The Head + The Heart; So Long, Farewell: An Ode to Retirement

Spring 2011: Confronting a Century of Lewy Body Confusion; From Bingo to Brain Scans; Sleep and Memory; National Alzheimer's Project Act; Focus on the Future: Current ADRC Projects; African Americans and Alzheimer's Disease: Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller

Fall 2010: Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease; Gap in Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease Risk and Prevention Among Most Vulnerable Populations

Spring 2010: Old Drugs are New Weapons in the Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease; Pacific Northwest Udall Center

Fall 2009: From Research Labs to Possible Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease; DHA in Alzheimer's Disease and Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Spring 2009: Change is Coming to the ADRC; Education Core Changes in Staff; Living at Home with Help and Home Safety Tips

Summer 2008: ADRC Forum: Alzheimer's Care in the 21st Century; Fair Weather Fun; Recognizing and Responding to Pain in Loved Ones with Dementia

Spring 2008: ADRC Research Confirms Alzheimer's Disease Begins Years Prior to Diagnosis, as Early as 50 Years Old; Legal and Financial Planning; Q & A: Anger and What To Do With It

Winter 2008: Similarities and Differences in Identical Twins with Familial Alzheimer's Disease; Q & A: Winter Safety Tips

Fall 2007: Fall Prevention Clinic Shows Promise for Reducing Injurious Falls in Older Adults; Can You Trust What You Read? Q & A: How Can I Make the Holiday Season More Enjoyable for a Loved One with Alzheimer's

Summer 2007: ADRC Public Forum; When Words Fail: Visiting a Loved One in a Nursing Home; Q & A: Traveling with Alzheimer's

Spring 2007: Researchers Finding Screening Tool Superior to Primary Care Physicians at Detecting Dementia; Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 2); Q & A: Early-Onset Alzheimer's and Driving

Winter 2007: ADRC Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease; Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 1); Q & A: Early-Stage Resources