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Fall/Winter 2023

In this Issue:

  • Getting to Know: Dr. Michael Rosenbloom, Leader of MBWC Clinical Trials
  • Sleep Doctor Studies Sleep Apnea Treatment for Dementia Prevention
  • Research Findings  &  Alzheimer’s Conference Highlights
  • Crossword Puzzle Brain Workout
  • Caregiver Stories
  • Highlights from the Knight ADRC Conference ‘Enhancing Participation by Minoritized Groups in AD/ADRD Research 
  • Shared Outdoor Adventures for Resilience
  • Remembering Dr. Ka’imi Alohilani Sinclair (1962-2022) 


Spring 2023

In this Issue

  • The Memory Hub: One Year In!
  • Sleep and Dementia Risk
  • Research Highlights: ADRC Discoveries Made Possible By You
  • Finding Beauty in Unlikely Places: The Art of a Neuropathologist
  • The Power of Connection in Dementia Care


Winter/Spring 2022 

In this Issue

  • The Memory Hub Opens
  • Angela Hanson’s Takeaways from AAIC2021
  • New Spanish Language Webpage: memoria.uw.edu 
  • Microglia Cells and Genetic Risk in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Indigenous Perspectives at the Dementia Friendly-Futures Conference
  • Homespun Comfort: My Fidget Apron Project


Spring 2021

In this Issue

  • Project ECHO Dementia: A web-based virtual learning model for front-line care providers from around WA State
  • Ask About Alzheimer's: A Program for Middle-Schoolers
  • Celebrating Our Community Champions
  • Creating a Culturally Engaging Brain Health Program for Seattle's African American Communities, One Step at a Time


Fall 2020 - 35th Anniversary Edition Contents: The Early ADRC’s Search for an Alzheimer’s Gene: How Creative Teamwork, Collaboration, Leadership, and Luck Set the Stage for Today’s Approach to Biological Complexity  -  An Ecology of the Aging Brain: The Shared Project of the Adult Changes in Thought Study and the ADRC  -  The Far-Reaching Legacy of Non-Pharmacological Intervention and Caregiving Programs at the Early UW ADRC and Related Programs  -  High Standards: A Profile of Ellen Wijsman  -  Taking the Long Road: ADRC Efforts to Recognize Health Disparities and Better Represent American Indians and Alaska Natives in Alzheimer’s Disease Research -  An Interview with the ADRC's Founding Director  -  Celebrating ADRC Research Participants  -  A Prescription for Prevention: Exploring the Most Impactful Take-home Lessons of the ACT Study about Dementia Prevention and Risk Factors  -  Revisiting a Defining Question, 34 Years Later  -  A Research Mystery for the Ages: Are Females at a Higher Risk for Alzheimer's?  -  Timeline of ADRC Milestones: 1978-2020     

Spring 2020 Home Is Where the Art is: Can a Creative Home Environment Help Loved Ones Age in Place? -Building a Platform for Protein Therapeutics -The Power of an Active Lifestyle to Boost Brain Resilience -Announcing the Memory Hub: A Place for Dementia-Friendly Community, Collaboration, and Impact -The Wisdom of Indigenized Health Interventions for Native Elders -Improving the Quality of Care for LGBTQ Older Adults -Recent Publications & New Grants -My Journey from Disease to Advocacy -FAQ on ADRC Research Participation

Fall 2019 Featured Publications - The Cleansing Power of a Deep Night's Sleep - New Models of Dementia Residences Across the World - Food for Thought: Revitalizing Indigenous Knowledge about Healthy Eating - The Storytelling of Elaine Grinnell, Jamestown S’Klallam Elder - SOAR Program Takes People to New Heights - How TDP-43 is Changing Conversations about Alzheimer's Disease - Updates from the 2019 Alzheimer's Association International Conference - Why I - And Everybody Else- Loves My 3D Printed Brain

Spring/Summer 2019 Featured publications - Voice diagnostics -Busting myths about Alzheimer's treatments & diets - Diversity in research participation - Creating legacy while living with dementia - Poetry and Arts Showcase - and much more.

Fall 2018 - Bringing a New Vision of Social Citizenship to the Cascadia Region; Inventing a Blood Test for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases; The Gut Microbiome and Brain Health; "Ooh La La!" In the Garden with Ciscoe Morris; Poems & Essays; UW Huntington's Disease Symposium; Dementia Friends Comes to WA State; Highlights of the AAIC 2018; The Freshest Data on Diet and Cognition; Students, Is a Neuroscience Major Right For You?

Spring 2018 Resilience in Alzheimer's Disease: 6 Ways to Build a Stronger Brain, Mind, and Spirit at Any Stage of Life; Fish Oil and Seafood for Brain Health: What's the Evidence?; New Clinical Trial; Federal Funding News; Highlights of the ADRC Pilot Projects; Student Spotlight; Update on the WA State Dementia Action Collabortative; Co-Participants: The Unsung Heroes of ADRC Research Studies; Grand Prize in National Dementia Friendly Photo Contest

Fall 2017 Dancing to Remember: The Science of Brain Healthy Activities; Local Opportunities; Addressing Alzheimer's Disease in Native American Communities; The Tiny Worm Driving UW Alzheimer's Research; This Summer's Ride4Alz Motorcycle Tour; Updates from London's Alzheimer's Association Int'l Conference AAIC 2017; Essays & Poems: Garden Walkers

Winter/Spring 2017 Presto Change-O! Neurons in a Dish; Statewide Innovations in Dementia Policy; Recipes for a Healthy Brain; Prazosin: Agitation Antidote; the Rising Stars of Alzheimer's Research; The Art of Alzheimer's Exhibit

Fall 2015: Precision Medicine: Alzheimer's Treatments Tailored to Suit You; UW ADRC 30th Birthday; Recent Publications; Letter from the Editors; Sleeping in Seattle; Momentum for Momentia; Good Food; Brain Healthy Activities; A Letter That Traveled the World

Fall 2014: The Genetics, Demographics, and Environment of Alzheimer’s and Hope; UW ADRC Biomarkers; Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Updates; Letter from the Editors; Writer, Filmmaker, and UW ADRC Participant: An Interview with Ann Hedreen; SNIFF: Alzheimer's Disease and Nasal Insulin; Community Opportunities; If at First You Don't Succeed; Food for Thought; The Healing Arts: An Interview with Local Art Therapist Erin Partridge

Spring 2013: Memories Made and Unmade: Alzheimer's Effects on Four Stages of Memory; The Human Connectome Project; Global Research Updates; Walking the Neuro-Path: An Interview With New ADRC Director Dr. Thomas Montine; Resveratrol, Anger Management: Caregiver Tips for Handling Alzheimer's Behavioral Symptoms; Annual Alzheimer's Benefit Dance

Spring 2012: Connecting the Dots: Dr. Gail Li and the Epidemiology of Alzheimer's; Local Research Updates; An Upside to Risk Factors; Lumbar Puncture Myth Buster; William Utermohlen: Self Portraits of Alzheimer's; Questions Answered with Linda Whiteside of the Alzheimer's Association; Making a Greater Investment in Alzheimer's; Gloria's Story

Fall 2011: Fingers Crossed: Potential for Progress in a New Era of Alzheimer's; ICAD Updates; Heart to Heart; Study Updates: Where We Are Now; A Dance to Remember; Improv for Alzheimer's; The Head + The Heart; So Long, Farewell: An Ode to Retirement

Spring 2011: Confronting a Century of Lewy Body Confusion; From Bingo to Brain Scans; Sleep and Memory; National Alzheimer's Project Act; Focus on the Future: Current ADRC Projects; African Americans and Alzheimer's Disease: Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller

Fall 2010: Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease; Gap in Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease Risk and Prevention Among Most Vulnerable Populations

Spring 2010: Old Drugs are New Weapons in the Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease; Pacific Northwest Udall Center

Fall 2009: From Research Labs to Possible Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease; DHA in Alzheimer's Disease and Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Spring 2009: Change is Coming to the ADRC; Education Core Changes in Staff; Living at Home with Help and Home Safety Tips

Summer 2008: ADRC Forum: Alzheimer's Care in the 21st Century; Fair Weather Fun; Recognizing and Responding to Pain in Loved Ones with Dementia

Spring 2008: ADRC Research Confirms Alzheimer's Disease Begins Years Prior to Diagnosis, as Early as 50 Years Old; Legal and Financial Planning; Q & A: Anger and What To Do With It

Winter 2008: Similarities and Differences in Identical Twins with Familial Alzheimer's Disease; Q & A: Winter Safety Tips

Fall 2007: Fall Prevention Clinic Shows Promise for Reducing Injurious Falls in Older Adults; Can You Trust What You Read? Q & A: How Can I Make the Holiday Season More Enjoyable for a Loved One with Alzheimer's

Summer 2007: ADRC Public Forum; When Words Fail: Visiting a Loved One in a Nursing Home; Q & A: Traveling with Alzheimer's

Spring 2007: Researchers Finding Screening Tool Superior to Primary Care Physicians at Detecting Dementia; Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 2); Q & A: Early-Onset Alzheimer's and Driving

Winter 2007: ADRC Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease; Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 1); Q & A: Early-Stage Resources