It’s time to launch a hub for dementia-friendly communities. Will you help us name it?

January 10, 2019

Dementia-Friendly Community, ADRC News

In mid-to-late fall, the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center will open a hub for dementia-friendly communities on First Hill. The hub will house dementia-specific support, education, engagement, and empowerment programs; promote collaboration among dementia organizations, and serve as a platform for training and dissemination of programs across the state. The hub will be operated by UW Memory & Brain Wellness Center on behalf of the wider dementia community.

Suggest a name that evokes community, collaboration, and statewide impact, and will appeal to both the general public and professionals by taking this survey *or* e-mail your ideas to by Monday 1/14/19.

Learn more about the dementia-friendly communities growing in Washington State and beyond, and the role that everyone can play in development and awareness. 

Participants in a Taproot Theatre pilot program at Lake City Community Center. Photo: Lake City Seniors