Disability Resources for Students

Accessible Instructional Materials


Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) is an accommodation approved by DRS on an individual basis through an interactive process between DRS and the student. It must be supported by the documented effects of the student’s disability. Accessible Instructional Materials include but are not limited to textbooks, coursepacks and articles. Examples of end products include but are not limited to text selectable PDFs, structured word documents, math accessible word documents, braille, braille with tactile graphics and image PDFs.

Students may indicate their preference although preference may be limited by content of the material, specialized content, length of text, technology student is using, timeliness and other factors.

How to Use

Student Responsibilities

Upon approval of Accessible Instructional Materials, the student needs to

  • For new students: schedule an AIM Orientation with the Access Text & Technology Manger.
  • Enroll in your courses during priority registration/registration period I.
  • Sign Accessible Instructional Materials Agreement when prompted in myDRS.
  • Select Accessible Coursepacks, Textbooks and Articles in myDRS.
    1. Submitted request per the Services Timeline Request. DRS needs 4-6 weeks’ notice depending upon preferred output.
      1. Late requests will be processed in the order received.
      2. Changes to AIM requests due to schedule revisions or cancellations should be reported to DRS as soon as possible to be processed in a timely manner.
  • Partner with the Access Text & Technology Manager to get needed information from professor.
  • Check list and status of books in myDRS.
  • Purchase textbooks and coursepacks. Provide proof-of-purchase to DRS.
  • Respond promptly to any correspondence you receive from DRS. Notify DRS of any concerns.

DRS Responsibilities

Upon approval of Accessible Instructional Materials, DRS will

  • Evaluate student’s needs during AIM Orientation.
  • Partner with student and faculty to obtain needed information.
  • Locate a pre-existing accessible version, if available.
  • Purchase a copy to convert if no pre-existing accessible version is found.
  • Create an accessible version, if needed.
  • Distribute accessible materials upon receiving proof-of-purchase.


Students approved for Accessible Instructional Materials may find the following resources helpful.

Free online document conversion tool for UW students, staff, and faculty called SensusAccess

Link to myDRS Student Guide

Buy books online at UW Bookstore

Cool Technology: Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Notetaking