UWAB At AbSciCon

Are you attending AbSciCon and have questions about the UW Astrobiology Program? We have a vendor table set-up outside of the poster hall and we also have a poster on display which we will be presenting at the poster session Wednesday evening!

Besides our program poster you’d probably want to hear about the research our members are doing. Here’s a list of all UWAB Faculty and Students who are giving oral presentations this week. Also make sure to check out the poster sessions as our members also have another 24 posters they will be presenting there.

NameTitleDateStart TimeRoom
Victoria Suzanne MeadowsThe Virtual Planetary LaboratoryTuesday 6/2510:25 AMRegency EFG
Andrew LincowskiConstraining Past Ocean Loss From M Dwarf Planets with Transit Transmission SpectroscopyTuesday 6/2510:55 AMCedar Ballroom
Jacob Lustig-YaegerTRAPPIST-1 and Beyond: Strategies for Characterizing Terrestrial Exoplanets and their HabitabilityTuesday 6/2511:05 AMCedar Ballroom
Michael L WongAbiotic Oxygen on Venus-Like Exoplanets Around M-DwarfsTuesday 6/2511:35 AMCedar Ballroom
David FlemingConstraining the Water Loss Histories of the TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets: Comparative Habitability Using the Exoplanet Habitability IndexTuesday 6/2511:45 AMCedar Ballroom
David C CatlingThe early Earth’s environmentTuesday 6/251:30 PMAuditorium
Jonathan D TonerAlkaline lake settings for concentrated prebiotic cyanide and the origin of lifeTuesday 6/252:15 PMAuditorium
Rodrigo LugerAnalytic Techniques for Mapping the Surfaces of Habitable WorldsTuesday 6/253:00 PMCedar Ballroom
Kimberly BottThe Practicality of Polarimetry for Judging Planetary HabitabilityTuesday 6/253:10 PMCedar Ballroom
Hannah DawsonCharacterization of compatible solute use in a cultured sea-ice alga, Nitzschia lecointei, and in the environmental algal community of Utqiaġvik, AK using a metabolomics approach.Tuesday 6/254:00 PMRegency EFG
Owen LehmerAtmospheric CO2 Levels from 2.7 Billion Years Ago Using Micrometeorite OxidationWednesday 6/2610:45 AMRegency EFG
Jodi Nicole YoungDiversity of marine Rubiscos harbor insights into the adaptability of biological CO2 fixation.Wednesday 6/262:30 PMRegency EFG
Dominic Michel SivitilliCollective cognition in the arms of the octopusWednesday 6/266:00 PMRegency EFG
J Michael BrownContributions of High-Pressure Chemistry to Ocean Worlds Habitability AnalysisWednesday 6/266:00 PMAuditorium
Dale P WinebrennerA Recoverable Ice Melt Probe: Toward Exploration of Icy Moon Analogs at Low Logistical CostThursday 6/2711:51 AMRegency EFG
Rory BarnesAstrobiology with a Mobile PlanetariumThursday 6/272:00 PMCedar Ballroom
Andrew ShumwayUnfreezable briny water in Martian soilsFriday 6/2812:00 PMRegency EFG