Imaging and Biomarker Core

Courtesy, Thomas Grabowski, MD

The Imaging and Biomarker Core serves to further the ADRC’s aim to promote research into different genetic and pathophysiologic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s-disease related dementias (AD/ADRD) at the UW and nationally.

This aim involves work to identify the topographic phenotypes of AD/ADRD cases and related anatomic effects that may stratify participants by pathological mechanism. It will also estimate a measure of cognitive reserve from imaging and cognitive data. The Imaging and Biomarker Core will integrate anonymized multimodal imaging, cognitive, genetic, pathology and cell biology data from several other ADRC Cores to describe topographic and multidisciplinary phenotypes. The project will include a Bioinformatics component to integrate, make accessible, and advise on analysis of phenotypes. The ADRC will provide imaging expertise in PET and MRI to ADRC-affiliated studies.