‘The Wonderful Awareness of Living’: Poems by David Leek

November 28, 2018

News, Art, Dementia-Friendly Community

As published in Dimensions Magazine - Fall 2018 Edition


It's All Good

Nature has provided me with 

Her own celebratory plaque.

It is white and, I believe, quite pure.

It fills my mind,

In a manner of speaking.


I had not previously heard

The mysterious and alliterative term,

“Pre-senile dementia.”


I must admit, it has a certain authoritative ring.

Medical titles usually do,

And this one is quite official sounding.


It tells the story of a slow, crustaceous process,

Sort of like the accretion of silt

At the bend of a river

Where movement is diminished

And small bits of detritus,

No longer carried forward with enough motion,

Begin to drift downward

Until they settle, softly,

At the bottom.

Memory, like the drifting silt,

Becomes inert.


But, it is a slow process.

And I am not yet entirely transformed

From flowing river to fen.


Sometimes I feel frightened

By the future I imagine.

But, really, my fears of what may come

Are quite likely to be forgotten

Once the process is complete.


And, as I write this

I hold tightly to my secret weapon,

My willingness to live now, in this moment,

With its ever-changing kaleidoscope

Of texture, temperature, sound

And every other sense that brings me

The wonderful awareness of living.


David Leek, February 2018




The Feast of Life


Come to the table

Pull up a chair

The feast of life is here.


So many dishes to sample

Some hot, Some cold,

Sour, sweet, and picante’ too.


Don’t be picky.

Try them all.

It’s cheap to dither,

To sniff and poke.

Sit down and begin,

Take a bite!

Don’t nibble!


Fill your mouth.

Enjoy the flavors and textures.

Don’t rush!

Give each moment the 

Interest and curiosity

It deserves.


Those moments never recur.

They rise and dispel 

Like bubbles in champagne.

And yes, it will go flat someday.

But even then that will be a lesson worth learning.


David Leek, July, 2017


About the Poet: David Leek, a local community member, lives in Seattle, Washington with his beloved wife, Ania.