The Memory Hub: A Place for Dementia-Friendly Community, Collaboration, and Impact

In 2021, the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center (MBWC) is proud to launch a new initiative on Seattle’s First Hill: The Memory Hub.  Bringing together people, programs and partners, the Memory Hub will operate as a vibrant dementia-focused programs and events venue, collaborative workspace and training center. It will be conveniently located just a few blocks from the memory clinic at Harborview Medical Center and beside the Frye Art Museum, welcoming visitors year-round to explore what it means to live well with dementia.

Sandy Howe, Participant in FTD Arts Showcase, shows off her painting 'Night Sky'

A place for dementia-friendly community

Over the past five years, the MBWC has developed a variety of community programs and events that provide the opportunity to learn, grow, connect, be active and engage strengths of people living with dementia and their care partners. But until now, we haven’t had a warm and welcoming place outside the hospital to house these programs.

The Memory Hub is that place.

The Memory Hub will be a dynamic community center offering education, support and wellness programs for people with memory loss and their families. It will house current MBWC programs and programs offered by partner organizations – from support groups to caregiver workshops, from creative arts and technology classes to horticulture therapy experiences. In addition, it will include a rotating gallery of art made by persons with memory loss, a memory loss resource center/library, an arts-based adult day program, and a social worker to assist with navigating community resources. Outside, an inviting green space will feature a botanical garden uniquely designed for people with memory loss

A place for collaboration and innovation


We are proud to be a part of a growing network of individuals and organizations committed to building dementia-friendly communities. Partnerships on the local and state level – such as the Momentia movement and the Dementia Action Collaborative – have led to significant gains such as the recent launch of the Dementia Friends public awareness campaign here in Washington. We know we can accomplish more together. But until now, there hasn’t been a physical place for these collaborators to gather, share ideas and accelerate innovation.

The Memory Hub is that place.


The Memory Hub will house up to five mission-aligned organizations on-site, as well as informal co-working space. Not only will this make it easier for people with memory loss and their loved ones to connect with multiple organizations simultaneously, it will also facilitate collaboration. The Hub will offer networking, resource-sharing and professional development events, as well as community forums and other platforms for surfacing innovative ideas. 


A place for statewide impact

Celebrating Dementia Friends certification for King and Yakima Counties

While a variety of memory loss programs and initiatives thrive in urban areas like Seattle, people with memory loss and their families in other parts of the state regularly ask, “what about us?” There has yet to be a place focused primarily on training related to dementia-friendly communities, spreading best programs and practices from Seattle around the state.


The Memory Hub is that place.


The Memory Hub will offer training opportunities like workshops and conferences, as well as the chance to observe model programs and learn how to implement them.  In alignment with the Washington State Dementia Action Collaborative, it will house state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology that will support and equip a statewide network of dementia practitioners. Associated staff will be available to provide guidance on launching strength-based programs and dementia-friendly community initiatives across the state.

Building community, accelerating collaboration, driving statewide impact. Welcome to the Memory Hub: A Place for Dementia-Friendly Community, Collaboration and Impact!


What’s next for the Memory Hub

In 2021, we'll be completing building renovations, installing the memory garden, and gearing up for our launch.  Stay tuned to learn more about our on-site collaborator organizations and a new Memory Hub website!

For more information, contact Program Manager for Community Education & Impact, Marigrace Becker: 206-744-2190,


At work in a Dementia Friends training