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Environmental Generational Amnesia

The reading by Peter Kahn entitled Environmental Generational Amnesia really stands out to me. It brought to mind the neighborhood that I grew up in in what is now the city of Sammamish. It used to be very sparsely populated and almost every house had a large backyard on the edge of an extensive forest. I could walk straight out… Read more »

Theory or Re-emergence of Empathic Civilization?

Just as over the past century we have seen global acts of humanitarian interventions extend its reach to the protection of all innocent civilians against atrocities – shifting the value of life from the exclusive protection of civilians of western hegemon to people of all culture, race, and creed –  Jeremy Rifkin, author of Empathic Civilizations, takes this progression one… Read more »

On: Nature Has Lost Its Meaning

I often find that when I need a break, what I’m really needing is being outdoors. Which for me serves as a break from the stress and routine of a collegiate life. A friend told me recently, “You should do your homework on your front porch!”, as if the ability to just breathe “fresh air” is that easily achieved. However, I… Read more »

Response to Course Reading

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Response to David Roberts’ “The Decisions We Make About Climate Change Today Will Reverberate for Millennia. No Pressure”: Let me be clear that I completely agree with the emphasis Roberts (and many scientists) is making, “this long-term view shows that the next few decades offer a brief window of opportunity to minimize large-scale and potentially catastrophic climate change that will… Read more »

Questions about biodiversity and thoughts on the class

One of the most striking images I’ve taken from class is the graph that indicates the ways that humanity is most heavily impacting the global ecosphere. Our destruction of biodiversity is striking. What does it mean to be less biodiverse? Have their been periods of time where the world was more or less biodiverse? What does a larger or smaller… Read more »