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Staying Optimistic

      No Comments on Staying Optimistic A big thing that happens a lot when talking about issues in the Anthropocene is we get so negative that its hard to even work on the issue. This of course is hardly better than denying the issue is there as the end result is the same: nothing gets done. I think the novel Active Hope was by leaps… Read more »

Late Night Thoughts

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When I was reading Jane Bennett’s book I found it intriguing because she mentions materialism and her views on it. I would like to say that since capitalism is the greatest economic creation in history … I find it only logical to way to accumulate as much wealth as one possibly can while they are alive. I think there is… Read more »

On: Nature Has Lost Its Meaning

I often find that when I need a break, what I’m really needing is being outdoors. Which for me serves as a break from the stress and routine of a collegiate life. A friend told me recently, “You should do your homework on your front porch!”, as if the ability to just breathe “fresh air” is that easily achieved. However, I… Read more »

Journal Excerpt: Interesting Contemplative Practice

Saturday, February 6, 2016             Woke up this morning and had a particularly interesting contemplative practice. What I have been trying to hold myself to on a consistent basis is allowing myself a minute or two of practice right after I get out of bed. I find that I have the most clarity not right when I wake up, but… Read more »

Spring Skiing and Noticeable Climate Change

In 2 days time I will be flying to Salt Lake City to go skiing, as I often have most winter and spring breaks. What troubles me is what has been very noticeable in the more recent spring breaks: the snowpack is more melted and temperatures are way above normal. Last year I did not have to envy my friends… Read more »

Parallels Between Mental and Environmental Health

I would like to submit a piece I wrote in my journal 2 years ago during one of the rougher stretches of my life. I do feel like it relates to the bigger picture, however, so bear with me. Please forgive the edgy and melancholy language, but I suppose it wouldn’t be the work of a millennial without it: Anxiety…. Read more »

Who are we and What is our Agency?

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  This is something we are trying to address in our action group project but I don’t want to get into what we are doing because the project is underway and we don’t have our end product ready yet.  However, I really am enjoying talking about change in several of my classes, this one included. And it’s interesting to me… Read more »

Individualization and Contemplative Practices

I have found that through participating in contemplative practices, whether they be going for a run when I’m upset about something, or sitting in my thoughts to center myself (even if that’s centering myself in being okay with not being centered). I have become more conscious of my immediate physical reactions. It’s kind of wild how our bodies react to… Read more »