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Western Guilt: how should I feel?

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This is very personal for me to share, and I hope that you find it thought-provoking or are able to relate in some way. I feel guilt because I know not of what it is like to have eat the packaging of a product because my neighbors are unable to purchase my mothers threads. I know not of the taste… Read more »

On: Nature Has Lost Its Meaning

I often find that when I need a break, what I’m really needing is being outdoors. Which for me serves as a break from the stress and routine of a collegiate life. A friend told me recently, “You should do your homework on your front porch!”, as if the ability to just breathe “fresh air” is that easily achieved. However, I… Read more »

Who are we and What is our Agency?

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  This is something we are trying to address in our action group project but I don’t want to get into what we are doing because the project is underway and we don’t have our end product ready yet.  However, I really am enjoying talking about change in several of my classes, this one included. And it’s interesting to me… Read more »

Democracy in the Anthropocene?

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Most recently, I have finished the reading, “What kind of democracy?” Throughout this reading, the author explains the democratic economy and uses it to argue why democracy is not the ideal form of government for the Anthropocene. This idea was truly new to me because I have always believed that democracy was the best fit for the Anthropocene. With democracy,… Read more »

Journal Entry: Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Below is a journal entry I wrote when I was home over the long MLK weekend back in January. I had just read the article on the Syrian refugee crisis. These were my thoughts… Sunday, January 16, 2016             Tonight I sit on my couch in Salt Lake City, where I reside for a long holiday weekend of skiing and… Read more »

Studying Abroad in Denmark & the Refugee Crisis

1/13/16 Studying abroad in Denmark put me so close to the Syrian refugee crisis. In Denmark, it was hard to miss. Denmark is a highly homogenous country; it’s incomparable to the United States. People in Denmark easily notice an influx of people who look different than they do. I find the Danish relationship to “others” to be incredibly fascinating. Denmark’s… Read more »