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Are we Acting Towards the State of Sustainability?

Something quick I just wanted to share. After some quick math I created a more relatable, thought provoking, view of our current state of sustainability. In an article by Steve Connor (found here, he first talks about how there are only ““3 trillion trees on the planet today . . . [which] represents just 45 per cent of the total number… Read more »

Environmental Generational Amnesia

The reading by Peter Kahn entitled Environmental Generational Amnesia really stands out to me. It brought to mind the neighborhood that I grew up in in what is now the city of Sammamish. It used to be very sparsely populated and almost every house had a large backyard on the edge of an extensive forest. I could walk straight out… Read more »

Theory or Re-emergence of Empathic Civilization?

Just as over the past century we have seen global acts of humanitarian interventions extend its reach to the protection of all innocent civilians against atrocities – shifting the value of life from the exclusive protection of civilians of western hegemon to people of all culture, race, and creed –  Jeremy Rifkin, author of Empathic Civilizations, takes this progression one… Read more »

Spring Skiing and Noticeable Climate Change

In 2 days time I will be flying to Salt Lake City to go skiing, as I often have most winter and spring breaks. What troubles me is what has been very noticeable in the more recent spring breaks: the snowpack is more melted and temperatures are way above normal. Last year I did not have to envy my friends… Read more »

Thank you Dave!

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The Night in the Anthropocene Action Project group would like to thank David Ingram of the Seattle Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Association for making our Action Project possible. Due to weather complications traditional Dark Sky SAS events were cancelled. However, Dave offered a solution. Simulated night sky experience in the UW Planetarium. Using planetarium equipment, Dave was… Read more »

Discourse on Climate Change and the Future

I don’t disagree that there’s a problem with the way we talk about climate change, but I do think the problem is practically the exact opposite of what David Roberts discusses in his Vox article about climate change and millennia. Throughout my time in the Program on the Environment, I have found that the “mainstream” doesn’t stress enough that climate… Read more »

Progressive Speed and Optimism

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Today, young public discourse seems to be centered on a lack of progression, the stagnation of change, and as fuel to the discussion – the outraged cries of those who oppose signs of forward shift. Let’s face it, the future looks grim. Gridlocked. We are constantly remained of Hobbesian theory, that human nature is inherently evil – that amidst the… Read more »

Anthropocene Reflections Vol. 2

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A Reflection on Vox’s, “The decisions we make about climate change today will reverberate for millennia. No pressure.” In the Vox article “The decisions we make about climate change today will reverberate for millennia. No pressure.”, David Roberts stresses the idea that the decisions we make this year, who to elect to office and who will be appointed to replace… Read more »