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Western Guilt: how should I feel?

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This is very personal for me to share, and I hope that you find it thought-provoking or are able to relate in some way. I feel guilt because I know not of what it is like to have eat the packaging of a product because my neighbors are unable to purchase my mothers threads. I know not of the taste… Read more »

Should Capitalism Continue?

I have been thinking recently about the idea of capitalism and whether or not it is compatible with the Anthropocene. The economic systems of capitalism have been to blame for most of our current environmental struggles because of the waste it produces. The current notion of capitalism and its definition of progress is a formula which extracts natural resources, refines… Read more »

Thank you Dave!

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The Night in the Anthropocene Action Project group would like to thank David Ingram of the Seattle Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Association for making our Action Project possible. Due to weather complications traditional Dark Sky SAS events were cancelled. However, Dave offered a solution. Simulated night sky experience in the UW Planetarium. Using planetarium equipment, Dave was… Read more »

Who are we and What is our Agency?

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  This is something we are trying to address in our action group project but I don’t want to get into what we are doing because the project is underway and we don’t have our end product ready yet.  However, I really am enjoying talking about change in several of my classes, this one included. And it’s interesting to me… Read more »

Journal Excerpt: Memories from Earth Day, 1987

The reading on individualization brings back memories from my youth when my elementary school class in Redmond spent a day planting trees and learning about Earth Day.  While it brought awareness to our class such an activity really didn’t make any sort of difference in our ecological footprint or that of our community.  A few years before that our entire… Read more »

On Consequences and Contemplation

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Growing up, my mother always said “Everything you do has a consequence. Every decision you make and everything you say will change your future. Live carefully.” I resent this statement. 1. Because it is a frightening thing to tell a young child. Although it may encourage responsibility and could be empowering, it also tells the child that their individual behavior will… Read more »

One More Reason To Love Monsanto

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I mean, their bananas are great (finally, something a college student can afford!). And their commercials influence me to visualize a tropical paradise complete with a hammock every time I peel one of their bananas with a Monsanto sticker clumsily attached to the side.  What more is there to love from a company that produces healthy, affordable food that tastes like… Read more »