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Reflecting on “Reducetarianism”

3/9/16 As I was looking over TED Talks videos I might find interesting, I came across one with the title “Why I’m a weekday vegetarian”. Becoming a weekday vegetarian is self explanatory, and also serves as a compromise between becoming a vegetarian but not giving up meat as well. Once I read that, I was immediately reminded of the action group focused on the… Read more »

Agency of Assemblage/Contemplative Practice

I really found this entry to be interesting to reflect on, and I wanted to share it with everyone! 3/4/16 Looking over my notes for Vibrant Matter, I took special interest in what I found interesting in Chapter 2. Within the first couple of pages, Spinoza makes the says that “the power of a body to affect other bodies includes a… Read more »

Late Night Thoughts

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When I was reading Jane Bennett’s book I found it intriguing because she mentions materialism and her views on it. I would like to say that since capitalism is the greatest economic creation in history … I find it only logical to way to accumulate as much wealth as one possibly can while they are alive. I think there is… Read more »

Individual vs Collective Agency

February 17th, Today we had small group discussions about varying political theory topics, and I was in a group talking about agency and its relation to the anthropocene. The biggest topic that my group discussed was how individual agency matters significantly less than collective agency. Politicians often talk about policies regarding environmental change as a collective action for all of… Read more »

Light Pollution effecting the night sky.

As we know, My group and I (Star Viewing) went to the UW Planetarium and collaborated  with Dave Ingram. As a group, we held an educational event on the effects of light pollution on the Night Sky. Through this action group project we learned a lot about how we as humans, in the Anthropocene may be responsible for disrupting our… Read more »

Journal Excerpt: Interesting Contemplative Practice

Saturday, February 6, 2016             Woke up this morning and had a particularly interesting contemplative practice. What I have been trying to hold myself to on a consistent basis is allowing myself a minute or two of practice right after I get out of bed. I find that I have the most clarity not right when I wake up, but… Read more »

Thank you Dave!

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The Night in the Anthropocene Action Project group would like to thank David Ingram of the Seattle Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Association for making our Action Project possible. Due to weather complications traditional Dark Sky SAS events were cancelled. However, Dave offered a solution. Simulated night sky experience in the UW Planetarium. Using planetarium equipment, Dave was… Read more »

Who are we and What is our Agency?

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  This is something we are trying to address in our action group project but I don’t want to get into what we are doing because the project is underway and we don’t have our end product ready yet.  However, I really am enjoying talking about change in several of my classes, this one included. And it’s interesting to me… Read more »

Progressive Speed and Optimism

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Today, young public discourse seems to be centered on a lack of progression, the stagnation of change, and as fuel to the discussion – the outraged cries of those who oppose signs of forward shift. Let’s face it, the future looks grim. Gridlocked. We are constantly remained of Hobbesian theory, that human nature is inherently evil – that amidst the… Read more »

Astronomy and Politics

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We are a small part of a large system in the universe. This system is full of rising and falling communities. The act of patterning is natural—and so—“life is inevitable.” The gathering and building of systems between atoms into cells into tissues into organs into organ systems and into organisms is the pattern of nature. Even throughout life this pattern… Read more »