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The Role of Celebrities in Climate Change Awareness While you will see some argue about the economics, or the technology behind renewable energies; none of that is more than rhetoric used by the other side to try and weaken a movement away from fossil fuels. The big issue in my eyes, and many others too, remains awareness. Or better yet, a lack of passion or a care in the… Read more »

Reflections of my Environmental Impact

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As I continue to analyze my place and existence in the Anthropocene I have done a lot of analysis of aspects of my lifestyle I have taken for granted and questioning whether or not they are responsible activities to engage in from an environmental standpoint. I drive an older “gas-guzzler” type car instead of a hybrid or motorcycle. So I was thinking,… Read more »

Who are we and What is our Agency?

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  This is something we are trying to address in our action group project but I don’t want to get into what we are doing because the project is underway and we don’t have our end product ready yet.  However, I really am enjoying talking about change in several of my classes, this one included. And it’s interesting to me… Read more »

Thing power in the Anthropocene

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This is a more edited version of a journal entry I made. Vibrant Matter got me thinking about things; things as objects that have a life of their own separate from the use I get out of them. Bennet talks about how little we appreciate objects because materialism has conditioned us to just throw everything away once we have gotten… Read more »

The Anthropocene and Human Rights in Latin America

The intersection of two different classes in a quarter is always a delightful thing for me. Seeing ideas I’m exploring simultaneously elsewhere has a reaffirming quality that enriches the experience in both classes. Interestingly enough, that;s more or less occurring right now with this class and Human Rights in Latin America. It can be difficult to link the anthropocene to… Read more »

Morning Wake Up

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Taken from My Journal – Drinking coffee is routine. Wake up. Drink coffee. As routine as walking to class, sitting in lecture, or eating breakfast. This morning I’m drinking coffee was sitting on the couch, watching CNN. Nothing unusual. It’s just me in this room. On the news there’s there story of a firefighter who is suffering from immeasurable burns…. Read more »

Progressive Speed and Optimism

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Today, young public discourse seems to be centered on a lack of progression, the stagnation of change, and as fuel to the discussion – the outraged cries of those who oppose signs of forward shift. Let’s face it, the future looks grim. Gridlocked. We are constantly remained of Hobbesian theory, that human nature is inherently evil – that amidst the… Read more »

Democracy in the Anthropocene?

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Most recently, I have finished the reading, “What kind of democracy?” Throughout this reading, the author explains the democratic economy and uses it to argue why democracy is not the ideal form of government for the Anthropocene. This idea was truly new to me because I have always believed that democracy was the best fit for the Anthropocene. With democracy,… Read more »

Journal Entry: Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Below is a journal entry I wrote when I was home over the long MLK weekend back in January. I had just read the article on the Syrian refugee crisis. These were my thoughts… Sunday, January 16, 2016             Tonight I sit on my couch in Salt Lake City, where I reside for a long holiday weekend of skiing and… Read more »