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Finals Week and One of the Ways I Cope with Stress

Taken from a journal entry that I put in my final paper. As I go through the stress and ungodly amounts of caffeine to persevere through finals week, I take a casual night drive to relieve my mind and to change my environment from my small apartment room. I take a busy highway so I can always see where I’m… Read more »

Western Guilt: how should I feel?

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This is very personal for me to share, and I hope that you find it thought-provoking or are able to relate in some way. I feel guilt because I know not of what it is like to have eat the packaging of a product because my neighbors are unable to purchase my mothers threads. I know not of the taste… Read more »

Late Night Thoughts

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When I was reading Jane Bennett’s book I found it intriguing because she mentions materialism and her views on it. I would like to say that since capitalism is the greatest economic creation in history … I find it only logical to way to accumulate as much wealth as one possibly can while they are alive. I think there is… Read more »

Light Pollution effecting the night sky.

As we know, My group and I (Star Viewing) went to the UW Planetarium and collaborated  with Dave Ingram. As a group, we held an educational event on the effects of light pollution on the Night Sky. Through this action group project we learned a lot about how we as humans, in the Anthropocene may be responsible for disrupting our… Read more »

Freedom within the Anthropocene

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This is an edited journal entry– The readings for class involved an author named Lambcher. He covered the idea of freedom within the Anthropocene and I found it very interesting. He does well describing how freedom of power is the ultimate human freedom that’s achievable. He explains this by suggesting that the ultimate human freedom is to be able to… Read more »

thoughts on “standard of living”

The reading for class today by David Loy discussed Weber’s arguments about religion and capitalism. Weber claims that economic success became a “demonstration of God’s favor” making god’s blessing and salvation the motivation for surplus and economic success. But as god has become more distant, the original motivation for economic success has fallen away while the universal striving for success… Read more »

Democracy in the Anthropocene?

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Most recently, I have finished the reading, “What kind of democracy?” Throughout this reading, the author explains the democratic economy and uses it to argue why democracy is not the ideal form of government for the Anthropocene. This idea was truly new to me because I have always believed that democracy was the best fit for the Anthropocene. With democracy,… Read more »