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Finals Week and One of the Ways I Cope with Stress

Taken from a journal entry that I put in my final paper. As I go through the stress and ungodly amounts of caffeine to persevere through finals week, I take a casual night drive to relieve my mind and to change my environment from my small apartment room. I take a busy highway so I can always see where I’m… Read more »

Materialism and Progress

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The underlying psychological forces contributing to the political implications of materialism and progress are deep-seated in human-being’s natural tendency towards unconsciousness. Throughout the course, contemplative practices have shown to be a positive factor in experiencing the present moment with a different attention. Materialism has stemmed from the human tendency to not accept oneself in the present moment, running to other… Read more »

The Anthropocene

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In the book The Anthropocene by Christian Schwägerl he mentioned that “loving and hating are primeval phenomena that are deeply anchored in our biology.” I somewhat disagree. The theory of opposites has been quite prevalent currently in my educational studies and comes up a lot during philosophical discussion. What I have found to be true is that there can be… Read more »

A Good Read

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Not a blog post, but I strongly encourage people to check out the island chain of Kiribati, definitely relates to theme of this class!

From Forbes

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While clearly a debated topic in environmental and geological sciences, it is interesting to see a source like Forbes address such a topic. Usually focused on business, economics, finance, and technology, the Forbes writer seems to loosely cling to the idea that this “Anthropocene” debate has widespread and far-reaching ramifications. One of the most interesting and striking comments in… Read more »

“Real Home”

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  “Real Home” Before watching the movie home, from my perspective all I imagined about h ome was the warmth of family and an apartment building in Korea. However this perspecti ve changed after watching the movie “Home”. The real home after all was this planet earth that billions of us reside in. This planet provides us the platform for… Read more »

On: Nature Has Lost Its Meaning

I often find that when I need a break, what I’m really needing is being outdoors. Which for me serves as a break from the stress and routine of a collegiate life. A friend told me recently, “You should do your homework on your front porch!”, as if the ability to just breathe “fresh air” is that easily achieved. However, I… Read more »

Can Leonardo DiCaprio Help us in the Anthropocene?

If you’ve stumbled across any website like Tumblr, 4chan, or even Facebook in the last 5 years, I’m sure you’ve head- Leonardo DiCaprio was Oscar-less.  Shocking news to anyone who watched eagerly as he portrayed rolls from a Wall Street Banker to my personal favorite interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo. Leo is known for more than just his extraordinary acting these days,… Read more »

Journal Excerpt: Interesting Contemplative Practice

Saturday, February 6, 2016             Woke up this morning and had a particularly interesting contemplative practice. What I have been trying to hold myself to on a consistent basis is allowing myself a minute or two of practice right after I get out of bed. I find that I have the most clarity not right when I wake up, but… Read more »