Contemplative practices

Journal Excerpt: Interesting Contemplative Practice

Saturday, February 6, 2016

            Woke up this morning and had a particularly interesting contemplative practice. What I have been trying to hold myself to on a consistent basis is allowing myself a minute or two of practice right after I get out of bed. I find that I have the...Read More »

Rain is Personal

The sound of the rain while I sit alone in my near silent apartment has to be one of the moments I feel the most grateful. The whistle of the wind, which sounds as if my neighbor is playing the recorder, and the patter of rain hitting the windows make...Read More »

What am I in the Anthropocene?

February 17th 2016

During contemplative practice in lecture today, Professor Litfin asked who we are in the anthropocene, then read a poem to us. Without forcing myself to think, I was caught in the question without an answer. I was extremely caught in the question and could not hear a...Read More »

Contemplative Practice: Thinking about Materialism and Agency

I really liked this particular submission, and if you could give it a read over and comment on anything that strikes your fancy, that’d be great!


I’ve found that as time goes, I have an easier time reflecting on the concepts learned in class to my contemplative practices. I attribute this...Read More »

Individualization and Contemplative Practices

I have found that through participating in contemplative practices, whether they be going for a run when I’m upset about something, or sitting in my thoughts to center myself (even if that’s centering myself in being okay with not being centered). I have become more conscious of my immediate physical...Read More »


Jan 7

Chapter one of the book, Anthropocene, inspired me a lot, “No matter where you are and what you do, when you breathe to stay alive or enjoy time outside, when you eat vegetables or buy something made of iron or steel, you are inextricably liked to these revolutionaries” (15)....Read More »

My Own Contemplative Practices: “Check-Ins”


For years, my mom has tried to make meditation a habit in my life. I’ve tried it a number of times, and each time I’m just as frustrated as the time before. People say you learn how to meditate and it takes practice, so it’s possible that I just haven’t...Read More »

Anthropocene Reflections

A Reflection on Our First Contemplative Practice


Something that has been resonating with me from the first day of Anthropocene Politics was the quiet meditation exercise, during which we just focused on being aware. Aware of our breathing, the way we held ourselves, how our bodies fit into our chairs, what...Read More »