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Theory or Re-emergence of Empathic Civilization?

Just as over the past century we have seen global acts of humanitarian interventions extend its reach to the protection of all innocent civilians against atrocities – shifting the value of life from the exclusive protection of civilians of western hegemon to people of all culture, race, and creed –  Jeremy Rifkin, author of Empathic Civilizations, takes this progression one… Read more »

Materialism and Progress

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The underlying psychological forces contributing to the political implications of materialism and progress are deep-seated in human-being’s natural tendency towards unconsciousness. Throughout the course, contemplative practices have shown to be a positive factor in experiencing the present moment with a different attention. Materialism has stemmed from the human tendency to not accept oneself in the present moment, running to other… Read more »

Staying Optimistic

      No Comments on Staying Optimistic A big thing that happens a lot when talking about issues in the Anthropocene is we get so negative that its hard to even work on the issue. This of course is hardly better than denying the issue is there as the end result is the same: nothing gets done. I think the novel Active Hope was by leaps… Read more »

On: Nature Has Lost Its Meaning

I often find that when I need a break, what I’m really needing is being outdoors. Which for me serves as a break from the stress and routine of a collegiate life. A friend told me recently, “You should do your homework on your front porch!”, as if the ability to just breathe “fresh air” is that easily achieved. However, I… Read more »

Thank you Dave!

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The Night in the Anthropocene Action Project group would like to thank David Ingram of the Seattle Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Association for making our Action Project possible. Due to weather complications traditional Dark Sky SAS events were cancelled. However, Dave offered a solution. Simulated night sky experience in the UW Planetarium. Using planetarium equipment, Dave was… Read more »

thoughts on “standard of living”

The reading for class today by David Loy discussed Weber’s arguments about religion and capitalism. Weber claims that economic success became a “demonstration of God’s favor” making god’s blessing and salvation the motivation for surplus and economic success. But as god has become more distant, the original motivation for economic success has fallen away while the universal striving for success… Read more »

Progressive Speed and Optimism

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Today, young public discourse seems to be centered on a lack of progression, the stagnation of change, and as fuel to the discussion – the outraged cries of those who oppose signs of forward shift. Let’s face it, the future looks grim. Gridlocked. We are constantly remained of Hobbesian theory, that human nature is inherently evil – that amidst the… Read more »

Journal Entry: Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Below is a journal entry I wrote when I was home over the long MLK weekend back in January. I had just read the article on the Syrian refugee crisis. These were my thoughts… Sunday, January 16, 2016             Tonight I sit on my couch in Salt Lake City, where I reside for a long holiday weekend of skiing and… Read more »

Astronomy and Politics

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We are a small part of a large system in the universe. This system is full of rising and falling communities. The act of patterning is natural—and so—“life is inevitable.” The gathering and building of systems between atoms into cells into tissues into organs into organ systems and into organisms is the pattern of nature. Even throughout life this pattern… Read more »

Anthropocene Reflections Vol. 2

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A Reflection on Vox’s, “The decisions we make about climate change today will reverberate for millennia. No pressure.” In the Vox article “The decisions we make about climate change today will reverberate for millennia. No pressure.”, David Roberts stresses the idea that the decisions we make this year, who to elect to office and who will be appointed to replace… Read more »