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The Anthropocene

In the book The Anthropocene by Christian Schwägerl he mentioned that “loving and hating are primeval phenomena that are deeply anchored in our biology.” I somewhat disagree. The theory of opposites has been quite prevalent currently in my educational studies and comes up a lot during philosophical discussion. What I...Read More »

“Real Home”


“Real Home”

Before watching the movie home, from my perspective all I imagined about h
ome was the warmth of family and an apartment building in Korea. However this perspecti
ve changed after watching the movie “Home”. The real home after all was this planet earth that billions of us reside...Read More »

Waste and Recycling

March 5

Today I went to the waste disposal station with my grandfather. This seemed so counter-productive to what we have been studying all quarter. There were a few things that it brought to mind while I was there. I did notice there...Read More »

Discourse on Climate Change and the Future

I don’t disagree that there’s a problem with the way we talk about climate change, but I do think the problem is practically the exact opposite of what David Roberts discusses in his Vox article about climate change and millennia. Throughout my time in the Program on the Environment, I...Read More »

Journal Entry: Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Below is a journal entry I wrote when I was home over the long MLK weekend back in January. I had just read the article on the Syrian refugee crisis. These were my thoughts…

Sunday, January 16, 2016

            Tonight I sit on my couch in Salt Lake City, where I reside...Read More »

From my journal.

This is the first entry in my journal for this class. I recently reread what I wrote and was struck by how nervous I was on day one. I may not be the most qualified individual to speak to some of the subjects we cover in class but it is...Read More »

Journal Excerpt: Memories from Earth Day, 1987

The reading on individualization brings back memories from my youth when my elementary school class in Redmond spent a day planting trees and learning about Earth Day.  While it brought awareness to our class such an activity really didn’t make any sort of difference in our ecological footprint or that...Read More »

Studying Abroad in Denmark & the Refugee Crisis


Studying abroad in Denmark put me so close to the Syrian refugee crisis. In Denmark, it was hard to miss. Denmark is a highly homogenous country; it’s incomparable to the United States. People in Denmark easily notice an influx of people who look different than they do. I find the...Read More »

My First Journal Submission

Damir Zukanovic


POL S 301 A

First Journal Submission


Title: Contemplative Practices “Learning how to meditate”

Today is the second day of class and we had continued our contemplative practices. While closing my eyes and slowly inhaling, I felt instant relaxation. I was not registered for the course till a day before the second...Read More »

Amber's Initial Thoughts on the Class

Monday January 11th, 2016
This is my first personal journal entry in years! I used to keep a diary intermittently throughout elementary school; it was mostly about what boys I found cute and how many extra cookies I snuck without my parents knowing. Other than that, I have...Read More »

Getting started: Blog Posts

Welcome to POL S 301! The goal of this post is to help you get started blogging for this course. So I will provide you with some general instructions on how to get started. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or if you run into any...Read More »