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Classroom Consultations

The UW Autism Center specialists provide classroom observations and consultations to help teachers and other school personnel implement evidence-based practices to maximize the learning of students with ASD. Classroom or program consultations may include all or some of the following components:

  • Brief interview
  • Direct observation of classroom or program
  • Live demonstration of teaching strategies
  • Coaching/feedback to staff personnel in the classroom
  • Written report summarizing observation and recommendations
  • Feedback meeting to review consultation and recommendations
  • On-going consultation to increase staff comfort with strategies and ensure fidelity of implementation

To request a classroom consultation, please complete our Classroom Consultation Request Form (PDF) (350 KB).

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Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

What is an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)? 
If a student’s family disagrees with the results of an evaluation conducted by the school district, the family may request an IEE at public (district’s) expense. An IEE is an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district responsible for the education of the student.  While a request for an IEE is not required to be in writing, a written request is encouraged because it can serve as documentation of when the request was made. When the request for an IEE is granted, the school district must provide the family with a list of names of possible examiners and provide the evaluation to the student at no cost.

For more information on IEEs please visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website at

IEEs at the UW Autism Center
The UW Autism Center offers IEEs through individualized, comprehensive diagnostic and psychoeducational evaluations. Our clinicians are specially trained and possess the necessary skills, experience, education, and licenses or credentials to provide an IEE. IEEs at the UWAC may be completed by a clinical psychologist, speech language pathologist, and/or behavior analyst. An IEE may involve one or more professionals depending upon the goal(s) of the IEE and will include several sessions (e.g. assessment, observation, records review, and interview), a written report, and a feedback session.

Please note that the UWAC currently does not provide occupational therapy or physical therapy evaluations.

Please complete the IEE Request Form (514 KB) to initiate the process with UWAC.

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Individualized Workshops

The UW Autism Center training program is here to help schools and agencies provide evidence-based programs for students and individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Our experienced staff provides workshops to meet the specific needs of teachers, administrators, educational assistants, other school-based staff, and community providers. Workshops can be tailored for those with beginning through advanced levels of knowledge and experience. Topics include:

  • Understanding ASD and impact on school behavior
  • Inclusion for students with ASD
  • The ins and outs of applied behavior analysis
  • Using visuals supports
  • Structuring the classroom for success
  • Preventing and managing challenging behaviors
  • Teaching executive functioning and organizational skills
  • Developing and implementing social skills goals
  • Strategies to teach communication skills in the classroom
  • How to monitor progress – data collection

To request an individualized workshop, please complete our Training Request Form (PDF) (270 KB).

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Student Consultations

The UW Autism Center specialists offer student-focused consultations to assist with IEP development and offer recommendations for improving learning and behavior for individual students. Areas of consultation may include:

  • IEP goal development
  • Assistance in identifying student’s skill levels
  • Conducting functional behavior assessments (FBAs)
  • Developing behavior intervention plans (BIPs) to decrease problem behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors/skills

Consultations may include all or some of the following components:

  • Brief interview
  • Request for information (behavior interview, Motivational Assessment Scale – MAS, A-B-C data collection, current IEP, current evaluation, current BIP)
  • Conduct observation
  • Written report summarizing observations, behavioral hypothesis, and recommendations
  • Feedback meeting with team to determine fit for recommendations and finalize behavior intervention plan
  • On-going consultation to increase staff comfort with strategies and ensure fidelity of implementation

To request a student consultation, please complete our Student Consultation Request Form (PDF) (563 KB).

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