Medical Evaluation

We offer Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric evaluation and check-ups with physicians who have expertise in autism spectrum disorders and related neurodevelopmental conditions.

The medical evaluation will include medical, neurologic, and neurogenetic assessments (as appropriate), consisting of:

  • A detailed medical and neurodevelopmental history, physical examination, and discussion of impressions and recommendations with the family.
  • Assessment for possible medical causes of symptoms and behaviors.
  • Assessment of medical and psychosocial factors contributing to symptoms and behaviors.
  • Consultation on specific concerns including: tics and other movement disorders, seizures and epilepsy, anxiety, toileting issues, sleep disturbances, aggressive and self-injuring behaviors, and others.
  • Recommendations for further evaluation, medical tests, and treatment planning.
  • Referral to other medical subspecialists as appropriate to meet the family’s particular medical needs.

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