Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Clinical Services

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) provide evidence-based treatment using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), including discrete trial training and naturalistic teaching strategies. We develop goals to help individuals with autism in the following areas:

  • Language
  • Communication
  • Academics
  • Play
  • Imitation
  • Self help
  • Social/emotional regulation
  • Community and safety skills
  • Adaptive skills
  • Organization and executive functioning
  • Behavior management

BCBAs conduct assessments and work collaboratively with parents to identify goals, develop learning activities, and implement individualized intervention plans. Individualized programs are developed based on existing skill levels, current needs, and parent input. We aim to help every individual achieve their best potential through building new skills and abilities and addressing challenging behaviors at home and school. We serve autistic individuals across the lifespan, depending on clinician experience and match. Our range of services is described below.

Intensive In-home ABA Programming

Our BCBAs will work with families to develop, implement, and refine an in-home, intensive, comprehensive ABA-based program for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. First, an initial evaluation of the child’s skills and review of any previous evaluation or intervention programs is completed. Then, the BCBA creates an individualized treatment plan, setting goals tailored to improve critical areas of development (communication, socialization, challenging behavior, daily living skills, play.) The BCBA will develop an individualized plan for helping the client to meet these goals. All of our home programs include parent coaching, an in-home intervention team, training and supervision of the in-home intervention team, assessment and updates on client progress every six months, and revision of intervention goals and approaches to optimize progress. Consultation may occur at the UW Autism Center and/or in the home.

Short-Term Consultation

Parents work with a BCBA to learn to use ABA-based techniques at home to address a specific challenging behavior or achieve a specific goal such as toilet training, sleep hygiene, or teaching a new skill. This service is designed to be implemented in 12 sessions or less.

Parent Coaching

The BCBA works collaboratively with parents to support delivery of evidence-based interventions at home during daily activities. Parent coaching occurs during meetings at the UW Autism Center or in the home. By focusing on achievable goals, we will coach parents on new ways to work with their child, through a combination of teaching, modeling or demonstrating, observation, and feedback in a supportive environment.

Client-Focused Skills Coaching

BCBAs may work directly with an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder from school age through adulthood to develop specific skills and achieve new, collaboratively identified, goals. After initial intake and assessment, desired skills are identified and coaching begins. These sessions can occur at the UW Autism Center or in the client’s home, depending on assessed needs and recommendation by the BCBA.

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