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exultance (n). lively or triumphant joy; success over victory. For most of my life, I have lived in a constant state of motion. I just moved on to the next life event. In Albania every day was an adventure, so much so that I could never look to the future, because the present was always so […]

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Dear Girls

You will hold a special place in my heart. I see the fire in you as you dance on stage with your sisters. Your faces suggest pain, but your dance reflects your covert passion. I sit next to the drunken man during the performance hoping you will never encounter his wrath. I hope the man you […]

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It was the stormiest night of our stay in Rome, emerging seemingly from nowhere. Suffering from Seattle weather withdrawal, we ran around the abandoned Campo de Fiori in the pouring rain, then returned to try to capture the moment from the perch of our apartment window overlooking the square. What I love about this photo […]

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Artist’s statement: This laundry line was strung up when a student travelled to the Amalfi Coast and was without access to a laundromat. She waved her underwear proudly in the Italian sun. Jennifer RempeJennifer is a senior studying Business Administration with a focus in Finance. She participated in the Foster School Rome Program 2014.

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Creating a New Hay Roof – Fewnugol

Fewnugol means “to make” in Fulani. This picture was taken in a neighbor’s compound. The hay roofs need to be replaced every other year. They completely keep the water out, as the hay directs the rain to follow a shaft down the side of the hut. After two years the hay starts to rot and […]

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Amidst a Pulaar Wedding – Tradition Rising

This wedding took place in Sabe, Guinea, across the border from Senegal. I had been living with Guineans who had crossed the border to find a better life in Senegal, but many villagers hiked back to Guinea for special occasions and celebrations. Ariel VardyI spent a year in the southern region of Senegal as a […]

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