Google Sites and Other Web Tutorials

NOTE: DigiMedia and DigiText entries are not judged on site design / layout, so nearly all of the tutorials below only apply to DigiSites. Please refer to DigiMedia and DigiText Google Sites Guides for relevant tutorials.

Google Sites Tutorials Websites

Using Google Sites

Each of the TRIO Quest competitions have specific steps and requirements that are NOT included in these Google Sites tutorials. Please refer to individual Rules and Resources to make sure your entry meets the competitions requirements.

Please note that some of the tutorials below were created for the 2010 TRIO Quest competition so they may be outdated.

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Getting Started

Header and Navigation

Editing Pages

Site Appearance


Adding Multimedia

Adding Interactivity

Other Tutorials

Coding resources- New!

Help resources

Organizing a Website

This section provides information to help you design and structure your website. These pages will help you organize the information on your site and develop a consistent and efficient interface and file and navigation system.

Effective Website Design
Six important considerations for designing an effective website.

Web Style Guide Resources
The Web Style Guide at is a start-to-finish guide on how to organize, structure, and create a website.

Proofing a Website

This section of the site will help you with the process of posting your web pages on the Internet.

Preparing to Submit your Website
Learn six different ways to test your website before it is posted online.

Web Site Assessment and Evaluation
Find out how to assess the quality of a Web site. The first section of this page explains the five criteria for assessing the quality of information on a Web site. The second section gives factors to consider when judging the overall quality of a Web site (use this section to evaluate a Web site you have created).

Common Mistakes to Avoid
The most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Final Check for DigiSites Entries
A checklist to help teams prepare their sites for final submission as DigiSites entries.