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Myth #1 The Earth is Naturally Getting Warmer – Mallory Culbertson

In the realm of climate change denial, there is a pervasive myth of “natural warming”, the idea that the Earth’s climate just naturally fluctuates between the extremes of very cold and very warm, so the warming we’re seeing is just part of that natural change. This myth takes many forms with various scientific concepts serving as the logic behind them,… Read more »

Myth #2: Carbon is Not a Pollutant – Amber Sonka

Some climate change deniers claim that the recent increase in carbon emissions should be of little concern because carbon is not a pollutant. It is true that element carbon is found naturally throughout the environment and is even considered a building block of life. It is true that animals, including human beings, breathe out carbon dioxide as a natural part… Read more »

Myth #3 The Earth Isn’t Really Warming After All – Kyle Nelson

The idea that the Earth is not actually warming is one of the most pervasive myths about climate change, and it is also one of the most straight-forward.  The basis for this myth comes from the fact that the global average temperature in 1998 was close to the average temperature today, and so one can draw a line between the… Read more »

Myth #4 – Climate Change is Good – George Reynoldson

The myth that “climate change is good” is widely broadcast by a variety of social interests, politicians, and their combined constituencies hoping to get or stay empowered in many countries, especially northern (developed) ones like the United States, Canada and Russia.  The loudest voices on the “is good side” are usually hydrocarbon interests, corporations and oil oligarchs and their public… Read more »

Myth #5: There is not a consensus within the scientific community that climate change is human-caused. – Tessa Yip

When you look at major scientific organizations and the true number of scientists who support the idea of anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change, the widespread myth that there is not a consensus in the scientific community is evidently false. According to NASA, at least 97% of “actively publishing scientists” are in agreement that climate change is human-caused.[1] Through the assessment of… Read more »

What makes a source credible?

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Relying on credible sources is essential for an understanding of most things but especially climate change. Unfortunately, climate change myths, like the 5 listed below, are created and perpetuated by unreliable sources that people mistake as credible ones. Its important to be able to discern a reliable source from an unreliable source to insure that you are consuming accurate information… Read more »

Buddhism in the Anthropocene

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Some of my recent contemplative practices have led me to ask: is there room for Buddhism in the Anthropocene? What will the role of religion be in addressing issues of climate change? What should religion’s role be? In the academic community we rarely talk about religion unless we are in some theology or religious studies class. In fact, it is… Read more »

Amber’s Initial Thoughts on the Class

Monday January 11th, 2016 This is my first personal journal entry in years! I used to keep a diary intermittently throughout elementary school; it was mostly about what boys I found cute and how many extra cookies I snuck without my parents knowing. Other than that, I have always tried to keep a journal when I travel. I always put… Read more »