UW Autism Center Research Network

Research Faculty
Raphael Bernier, Ph.D. Genetics, Neurobiology, Behavior Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Educational Psychology, Psychology Publications
Stephen Dager, M.D. Brain Abnormailities, Neuropsychiatric Disorders Radiology Publications
Annette Estes, Ph.D. Early Detection/Intervention Speech and Hearing Sciences Publications
Natalia Kleinhans, Ph.D. MRI of Function and Structural Connectivity Radiology Publications
Jeffrey Munson, Ph.D. Variability of Development, Diagnosis, Computerized Assessments Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Publications
Sara Jane Webb, Ph.D. EEG Studies of Learning, Attention, Early Risk Factors Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Publications
Ellen Wijsman, Ph.D. Statistical methods for analysis of genetic data Medicine, Biostatistics, Genome Sciences Publications
Research Scientists
Ben Aaronson, Ph.D. Intervention, Neurobiology, Genetics UW Autism Center Publications
Jessica Greenson, Ph.D. Recruitment, Screening, Diagnosis, Clinical Issues UW Autism Center Publications
Fritz Reitz, Ph.D. Instrumentation Development UW Autism Center Publications
Amy Rodda, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP Early Indicators of Social Language Development Disability Speech and Hearing Sciences Publications
Tanya St. John, Ph.D. Early Diagnosis, Neuropsychology, Infant Development UW Autism Center Publications
Ari Wallace, Ph.D. Social and Emotional Development, Co-Morbid Diagnoses UW Autism Center Publications
Rex Jakobovits, Ph.D. Clinical Software Development, Data Management Radiology Publications
Patricia Kuhl, Ph.D. Early Language and Brain Development ILABS, Speech and Hearing Sciences Publications
Andrew Meltzoff, Ph.D. Typical and Atypical Early Learning and the Brain ILABS, Psychology Publications
Wendy Raskind, M.D., Ph.D. Genetics of Neurobehavioral Disorders Medicine Publications
John Welsh, Ph.D. Neuronal Oscillation in Cognitive and Motor Function Seattle Children’s Research Institute Publications
Emeritus Members
Robert Abbott, Ph.D. Statistics, Educational Research Education Publications
Elizabeth Aylward, Ph.D. MRI, Neurodevelopment, Neurodegeneration Psychology Publications
Jean Kelly, Ph.D. Effectiveness of Caregiving, Birth-to-Five Nursing Publications