The On Time Autism Intervention Podcast

The On-Time Autism Intervention is a podcast for parents of children three and younger who are interested in information about autism, autism diagnosis, and autism intervention and resources for young children. Many parents of young children diagnosed with autism have little or no prior experience with autism and are looking for information and answers to help guide their early steps in this new journey. The On-Time Autism Intervention podcast will provide parents with relevant information about characteristics of autism in very young children (0-3) as well as strategies for pursuing services, and transitioning into autism intervention, special education, and more.

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Show Resources

You can download My ASD Journey Guided Planner here, as described on the OTAI podcast.

You can download the Autism Screening and Evaluation Decision Aid Booklet here, a decision-support tool for Families and their Birth-to-Three Intervention Providers.

A list of questions to ask ABA providers.