Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Solidarity Walk and Garden Altar

A Day of Remembrance and Community Healing

The purpose of this event is to honor and remember the lives of loved ones we have lost and in support of those who are struggling with mental health through a Solidarity Walk at the Seattle UW campus. This event will include an opening with introductions and guest speakers, a solidarity walk around a part of campus, and will end with a ceremony around the Garden Altar. The Garden Altar Ceremony will be where we will have an honoring ceremony with music, words & space to share stories and hearts and for members of the community to reflect, and share any cherished mementos.

Through this event, we hope to cultivate community and a sense of solidarity as we hold each other up, inspire life, and heal as part of our individual and as a collective. We’d love for you to join us and share this event with loved ones, friends, and other organizations.

 Stories of Strength

Tree of Love & Care Notes for Kelly ECC Wellness Week

Sign displaying Tree of Love & Care, with tree behind the sign

“You are doing the best for yourself and for everyone”

“You are not behind in life! Don’t beat yourself up for where you are. It’s your schedule and everything is right on time! 💗”

“You are so worthy of love & connection because you are full of light and life 💗”

“All your passion and talent and vision is reflected in what you do, keep it up 💗. You are AMAZING 💗”

“You are enough!!”

“Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t let life bog you down. Have a good time. Enjoy life!”

“Know your worth!!”

“I hope we all do well on our midterms 😊”

“I’m doing the best I can & that’s more than enough 😊”

“Don’t stress about things you can’t control. You are exactly where you need to be. You got this – XOXO”

“I hope to love myself more in 2020. I am enough.”

“You are doing the best you can.”

“You matter!”

“You got this!! 💗”

“All of your feelings are valid. Feel all of your feelings :)”

“I hope to savor every moment I have. I am on a journey and every moment I experience matters. I am capable of all things that are done with love 💗”

“Stay positive – you’ll get through any obstacle that comes your way!!”

“Repeat to yourself: I am enough. I am worthy. I am loved.”

“UWU!” (uwu is an emoticon depicting a cute face. It is used to express various warm, happy, or affectionate feelings)

“You will do great – patience is key! :)”

“Believe in yourself. You can do it!”

“’There is only one you’ – Marcus Pati”

“Lord, please show me where you want me to live.”

“You are smart! You belong here!”

“Never doubt yourself because you are ENOUGH 💗”

“You are beautiful, inside and out! 💗”

“The world is your OYSTER 💗”

“Stay positive & keep on going!”

“You are loved!”

“I’m doing the best I can do – it doesn’t have to be perfect”

“You are absolutely capable of achieving your dreams!”

“Smile and you can overcome anything! 💗”

“You’re going to go so far in life :)”

“Keep trying to pursue your dreams 💗 Never stop believing”

“You are killing it! You got this!!”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world – YOU GOT THIS! 😊”

“Good luck on midterms!”

“Live every single day with a goal in mind, someone in mind, a task in mind, etc. Something to look forward to everyday 💗”

“I hope for everyone’s happiness including my own”

“There’s enough pain in the world. Be a power of comfort.”

“You are a beautiful gift to the world!”

“I can’t face my fears… unless I find a new technique”

“You are not alone. It is okay to feel sad sometimes. Feeling is part of LIVING dear.”

“Take your time. It it’s too much for you, take a pause – for your own sanity & spirit”

“Everything I need is in the palm of my hands 💗”

“You may feel low right now, but don’t worry – it’s all a part of God’s plan 💗”

“Life is tough, but so are you”

“It’s going to be OK. you have survived and thrived through worse 💗”

“You are capable and deserving of the opportunities presented to you!”

Student Input Cards for Mental Illness Awareness Week Oct. 6-12, 2019

On Mental Illness Awareness Week, students shared why they care for others and for themselves on written input cards. Feel free to read some responses, and join in on our overall movement in creating an empowering and safe space for all.


“You are amazing! Keep fighting 💗”

“Your feelings are normal, valid & important”

“Because too many people fight their battles alone”

“Because everyone deserves a break at times. And as a society, we should respect & come together to understand mental health for our family, friends, and ourselves! Let’s break stereotypes!”

“I care about the mental and emotional well-being of my family, friends, & co workers! Prioritize self-care!!”

“Because those with mental illness are people too! 💗”

“Because we all need someone”

“Because no one should feel like they are alone”

“Everyone deserves empathy in their lives”

“Everyone has a mental health. Some people are capable of managing their mental health better than others. Check & evaluate you and your surroundings! 😊”

“I care because you are not alone!”

“I care because I love you!”

“Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time, it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace in the soul. It comes from laughter and love! Breathe!”

“Because everyone deserves compassion & a helping hand”

“It helps you chase that bag!!!! Periodt!”

“You never know who could really use some support & encouragement!”

“The world may sometimes be imperfect, but we should believe that the existence of shade is always due to the existence of the sunshine. We are all caring about you and hoping to see your real smile!”

“I care because people are struggling because of their mental health and deserve to be happy.”