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CCCI Is Honored To Present To You: Pup Support!


We are excited to spotlight Pup Support, a student-led organization founded by two women, Yuna Park and Amy Lee. Yuna and Amy are both students and prior to Pup Support, the two had met from past leadership positions which is just a snippet of how their friendship and partnership as co-founders blossomed. These two co-founders had started this journey from scratch with just the two of them, and while kickstarting Pup Support, they were faced with many challenges and underwent a number of trials and errors. However, despite testing times, Yuna and Amy consistently pulled through with resiliency each and every time, always striving towards growth and how to better themselves as leaders and as members of Pup Support.

What are your goals for Pup Support?

“We strive to break the barriers that college students face with their mental health and ultimately help our community sustain and develop healthy mental health skills…to address the unmet mental health needs within our community through support, referral, education, and outreach.” 

~Yuna Park & Amy Lee, Co-founders of Pup Support

What does Mental Health & Vulnerability mean to you?

I think that having that vulnerable and personal connection to mental health brought me to that point of being empathetic towards this conversation of mental health and it, made me feel more encouraged to open up and be more vulnerable. I think vulnerability is such a powerful tool and skill to have in life because I think even without gaining anything from anyone being vulnerable yourself really allows you to open your heart and open your mind, it’s like the first step of saying I’m not okay, and I think that’s even better than not saying anything at all.”

~Amy Lee, Vice President of Pup Support

A little bit more on Pup Support is that they are currently involved with the National Alliance on Mental Health [NAMI] to be more equipped on how they can better support their community, as they strive to one day become a non-profit organization. The work that they do is extremely powerful and inspiring and CCCI would like to use this platform to thank and give Pup Support a shoutout for the empowering impact that they’re pouring into our community. We are honored to be working with them and would love to continue to support them in their efforts for bringing awareness to and addressing the prevalent Mental Health issues within communities.

As we wrap up this spotlight, once again CCCI would like to thank you Pup Support for your amazing work and we wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of their work:

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Instagram: Pup Support Instagram 

Website: Pup Support Website