OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

Meet the ACS Peer Advisers

“ACS Peer Advising is committed to the overarching mission of OMA&D. We strive to promote access, equity, and inclusion by supporting first generation, ethnically diverse, low-income students. As OMA&D students from similar backgrounds, our advice bridges gaps and creates pathways that will help other OMA&D students achieve all their goals at the University of Washington. Through our shared experiences as UW undergraduates we offer holistic peer advising that is accessible, accurate, and empathetic.”

ACS Peers

Alfred Ern M Escorpiso 
Major: Accounting and Information Systems 

“Hello, I am an incoming fifth year, majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and hoping to work within the Tax industry in the near future. I’ve always had a passion for photography of any sort, and slowly regaining that interest recently and putting it to work. I’m excited to return as a 3rd year Peer Adviser and the experience has been rewarding, helping students out in any way possible and passing along advice that I wish I heard as an incoming student in a large university.”
Dianna Laguan  
Major: Education, Communities and Organization 
Minor: Diversity and Leadership 

“Hello! My name is Dianna Laguan (she/her). I’m a first generation, Latina student studying Education, Communities and Organizations and minoring in Diversity and Leadership. I’m originally from Federal Way, WA but proudly call Seattle home now. I aspire to become an educator someday teaching students from all kinds of backgrounds and be a representation for Latines in the educational space. A little fun fact about myself is that I have the same birthday as Beyonce! Overall, I’m excited to lead with enthusiasm, kindness and authenticity! Can’t wait to meet you all!”
Aracely Lopez-Mora 
Major: Social Welfare 
Minor: Diversity and Education, Learning & Society 

“My name is Aracely Lopez-Mora (she/her) I am a senior majoring in Social Welfare and minoring in both Diversity and Education, Learning & Society. I’m passionate about Education Equity in which I have done most of my work/volunteer around college access and College Support Services. I hope to pursue a career in the Education System. When I’m not stuck doing homework and Pre-Covid I love scoring and judging Tacos de Asada and al Pastor with Family and Friends after a night of dancing.” 
Letauaeletise Hunkin 
Major: American Ethnic Studies and Anthropology 
Minor: Oceania + Pacific Islander Studies and Diversity 

“My name is Letauaeletise Hunkin (Tise for short) and I’m double majoring in American Ethnic Studies and Anthropology, while double minoring in Oceania + Pacific Islander Studies and Diversity. I also work as the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission (PISC) Director, and I’m involved with the Polynesian Student Alliance as well as the Micronesian Islands Club here on campus. A fun fact about me is that I really love to dance. I’m super excited to work with everyone!”
Rolando Gonzalez 
Major: Economics 

“Hi, my name is Rolando Gonzalez, I am from Bellingham WA.  
A little about me: I’m the oldest of 4 siblings, I’m a first-generation student, and I just got accepted into the eco major this year. I’m excited to further develop my teaching pedagogy with support of the education professors. After graduating I plan on going back to school to get my masters and certify to become a high school English teacher. My goal is that through teaching high school English I am able to contribute to the growth of students through promoting critical thinking, building confidence, and learning to self-advocate. On a side note, I hope to make high school English more interesting by integrating content from Chicano authors.  As a person some of my core values lay around being open minded, empathetic, and genuine. You could say that my core values revolve around being true to oneself. Outside of school I’m at home chilling or going to view spots around the city. I like to make food and eat food. I enjoy listening to music and painting, as well as being out in nature.”
Mary Sciscente Bonilla 
Major: Education, Communities, and Organization & Art 

“Hi! My name is Mary, I’m a Sophomore majoring in Community, Engagement, and Planning (CEP) and minoring in Education, Learning, and Society (ELS). For post-grad, I plan on working in academic advising and hopefully having some sort of fun side hustle. Outside of school, I’m a big fan of playing Smash Ultimate with my friends, listening to my favorite artists (like MF DOOM), and watching anime.”
Zeynab Idris
Major: Medical Anthropology and Global Health 

“My name is Zeynab Idris (she/her) and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. This is my second year as a Peer Advisor, and I plan to begin training to be a pharmacy technician immediately after graduation while exploring potential post-graduate options. I enjoy digital drawing, watching anime and reading webcomics in my spare time. Also, I consider myself a bubble tea enthusiast!”
Timmy Yang 
Major: Computer Engineering 

“Hi! I’m Timmy Yang. I’m currently majoring in Computer Engineering. I love computer hardware and smart-tech, but I have a soft spot for theatre and cinema. I’m also an avid reader and gamer, although I haven’t had as much time for either hobby recently. If we ever get to meet, let me know what you’re reading/watching. I’m always welcome to new suggestions!”