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CAMP Application 2024

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*All applicants after 6/10 will be placed on a wait list*

UW CAMP Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be US citizen or US permanent legal resident.
  • Must be admitted to the University of Washington Seattle Campus as a freshman applicant. Running Start students are also eligible.
  • Must be from a migrant and/or seasonal farmworker background by meeting one of the following criteria:

1) A student or his/her immediate family member must have spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker. Must be a primary source of income.


2) Participated in a Chapter One Migrant Education Program (MEP)/Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Laura can check if students have a COE/MEP Identification number on file.


3) Qualify for the WIA167.


Migrant Farmworker – a seasonal farmworker whose employment requires travel that keeps the farmworker from returning to a permanent home within the same day

Seasonal Farmworker – a person whose primary employment is farmwork on a temporary or seasonal basis

Farmwork – an agricultural activity related to the production of crops, dairy products, poultry, livestock, tree logging, or fishing

Need Help?

Please contact Laura Barrera at with any questions regarding eligibility requirements.

What you need to apply to UW CAMP:

    1. Complete and submit the freshman admissions application by November 15th.
    2. Financial Aid Application
    3. Fill out the online CAMP application
      • You will be asked to include the following:
        • Personal Statement/Essay
        • Certificate of Eligibility(COE) identification number from the Washington State Migrant Education Program (MEP).
          • You can obtain the number from UW CAMP recruiter, Laura Barrera at  
        • If you do not have a COE/MEP number you will need to provide an Eligibility Verification Form for Seasonal Work (EVF) CAMP staff will call and verify employment. Please email EVF to

UW CAMP Application Process

    • Complete online application via Microsoft form above 
    • Priority is given to students who apply by the deadline.
    • Admission decisions will be sent via email and you will need to confirm your participation.
    • The University of Washington needs a copy of all your final transcripts by July 1st. This includes a copy of all your final transcripts from your high school, Running Start school, and/or college in the classroom

Need Help?

Please contact Laura Barrera at with any questions regarding the UW CAMP application.

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