OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

Student Profiles


“CAMP helped me in more ways than one. CAMP was not only a resource to help ease my transition to UW but really became part of who I am. Moving to the other side of the state was so hard for me as I know it was hard for the majority of us CAMPERS because we don’t want to leave our families. CAMP eased my mother’s mind because she knew someone was watching out for her baby and CAMP gave me a place to call mine, I had somewhere to belong. I was challenged in CAMP to do the best I possibly could academically. With so much modeling from all the other students I couldn’t help but make my mom as proud as they made me feel to be a part of their lives and a part of their little CAMP family. I think everyone should go into a university or college with a CAMP because I don’t know where I would be without it.”

– Viviana Castillo, Cohort 4


“I would recommend CAMP to other students because this program has created a community for me that in many ways has kept me going through the tough obstacles that are thrown at us during our experience at the University of Washington. I remember that when I first stepped foot into the University I was very nervous and afraid about what was to come. Coming from a small town into the big city was definitely a cultural shock. CAMP created a small family in which the students became like brothers and sisters and the staff like aunts and uncles.”

– Ruben Reyes, Cohort 4


“CAMP helped me first of all to not be so homesick, coming from a Mexican family, where most Mexicans are very family oriented, it was hard for me to leave that part of me behind. CAMP soon became my family away from home. It helped me through advising and knowing what to take for classes, because I would have not known what to take if I was doing it alone. My favorite thing about CAMP was meeting the people in CAMP and feeling like I could relate to them and I feel like it was where I made most of my friends. I would recommend UW CAMP to other students because it’s honestly a blessing to be a part of this program; you get help in every aspect of college. You always have someone there when you need something. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of UW CAMP if you have the opportunity!”

– Samantha Munoz, Cohort 4


“CAMP really helped me throughout my first year at UW, especially when I first arrived here. I was excited being in Seattle, but I was also very intimidated because I didn’t know anyone from back home that came here. CAMP helped my transition be simple and helped me make friends instantly. It really made creating networks much easier and helped me become involved on campus. I know that if I weren’t a part of CAMP coming in, I wouldn’t have gotten involved with any organizations. My favorite part about this program was all the friendships I made with people that I could relate to. The cultural events were the best because we got to create better relationships with other students in our cohort. I also really like how easy going the staff is and how supportive they are. I am glad I was able to create a relationship with the staff and I know that they will still be willing to help throughout the rest of my time here. Other students would really benefit from CAMP because the staff guides you through the first year, and really makes sure that you are doing well throughout the school year both academically and emotionally. The friendships created are great along with all the opportunities you are introduced to.”

– Yaneli Salgado, Cohort 4