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Summer Career Fair
June 24th, 2-6pm
HUB, South Ballroom
Business Casual Dress Code

If you’re about to graduate or an alum looking to land a part-time or a full-time position with a top employer, then the UW Summer Career Fair is for you! This fair will bring over 60 employers to campus who are looking to hire Huskies for jobs and internships with their organizations.

It is open to students and UW alumni from all majors and career-interest areas… You don’t want to miss it! Employers attending represent a wide range of jobs and industries, including business, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Please join us! If you have any question, contact the Career Center at 206-543-0535 or


C ENV 110: Introduction to Food and the Environment

5 credits
SLN#11831 (plus lab section)
No prerequisites. Great for freshmen!

Everyone eats, and all food production has environmental consequences.

  • Discover environmental science through food production.
  • Explore the link between the decline of civilizations and current farmer efforts to cope with changing water supply, topsoil loss, and technology.
  • Create a food diary and find out the environmental consequences of your diet.
  • Understand what climate change, politics, culture, biodiversity, and geography have to do with food.


Also offered as part of a FIG (sections AB & AF)




GRDSCH 200: Preparing for Graduate Education
SLN#: 11638

This is a 8-week course (2 C/NC) for juniors and seniors from all disciplines who know they want to pursue, or are considering the possibility of, graduate education; learn first-hand from faculty and staff involved in graduate admissions how to find a good program fit and how to prepare effective application materials.

-Are you unsure if you want to attend graduate school? Come explore and find out!
-Do you know for certain that you want to attend graduate school, but are not sure how to write a quality personal statement? We can help!
-Not sure what program or school you want to attend? Find your fit here!


Course Info:

GRDSCH200 A – Prep for Grad Ed
SLN# 11638
M 1:10 – 3:20 THO 119 (Seattle)
Course will be hybrid – half in-class and half online

Are you interested in immersing yourself in the beauty and richness of the Yakama and Makah culture? Do you love working with elementary students? Do you want a deep, engaging, non-traditional learning experience in Washington State?

If you answered yes to the above questions, consider applying for the “Telling Our Stories: Yakama Nation and Neah Bay” project, a partnership between the UW’s Pipeline Project and the Yakama Nation and Neah Bay Elementary School.

SUMMARY: Rainier Prep is seeking an Education Program Assistant who wants to be part of creating an excellent school that will deliver radically different results for students who have the most obstacles to a college degree. As an Education Program Assistant, you’ll serve as a member of a diverse team of caring adults dedicated to transforming the school day for middle school students.

Rainier Prep is a 5th – 8th grade middle school in the Highline area focused on college prep for all students. We are committed to preparing all students to excel at four-year colleges and to serve as leaders in their communities. Approved as one of Washington State’s first charter schools and modeled after some of the highest performing schools around the country, Rainier Prep will open its doors in the fall of 2015. Rainier Prep’s outstanding faculty and staff will transform the expected educational outcomes for low income students, students of color and immigrant students, committing to college and career readiness for each of our scholars.

For more information:


The Autumn Quarter Inner Pipeline program provides a dynamic opportunity to earn credit and also gain experience working in K-12 classrooms.

To read further about Pipeline Autumn Courses:

All of us have known students who, for one reason or another, have found it necessary to leave the University of Washington without a B.A. in hand. They relocate out of state, find full-time employment, start families – and all of a sudden that dream of a UW degree recedes into the distance.

Integrated Social Sciences is a fully online interdisciplinary program that allows students who have earned at least 75 credits and have an overall GPA of 2.0 to finish their degrees. Returning UW students currently in the ISS program were formerly pursuing degrees ranging from Philosophy to English to Forestry. Against all expectations, they have returned home to the UW, some after nearly 30 years away, and are on track to degree completion.

For more information:

Are you interested in scientific research, teaching, health sciences, environmental issues, or other related fields? Are you interested in:

  • Succeeding in introductory biology (BIOL 180, 200, 220) and other bioscience courses?
  • Learning, thinking, and writing like a scientist?
  • Joining a diverse community of UW biology students and mentors?
  • Identifying research, scholarship, and training opportunities?

Students who have not yet taken BIOL 180 are encouraged to apply. Accepted students will participate in BIOL 106 during Autumn Quarter (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00-4:20 pm, 3 credits). This course helps learners define and develop skills for success as science students and plan individualized academic and professional pathways.

“We got the sense that the best way was to study to understand it from our own interests as scientists. And that’s what I do now in my other classes–study as a scientist, to learn because of my interests and to put that information into the things I already know.”

“They encouraged us to be so connected, so that all of us could be better than what we were alone. We learned to see people as someone we could learn from, rather than as someone we needed to compete with.”


– BIOL 106 Students


Applications will be accepted until spaces are filled, and spaces are limited.


We look forward to your application!



Brian J. Buchwitz, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Department of Biology

Hitchcock Hall 216, Box 355320

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-5320

The College of Education is offering a fall section of Introduction to Resiliency in College.

EDUC 300: Introduction to Resiliency in College
Tues/Thurs, 11:30-12:20
SLN 22115

This course focuses on a Universal Prevention Program that offers resilience and social-emotional training. This course presents skills and strategies that have been shown to reduce stress, improve mental health and interpersonal relationships, decrease risk-taking behaviors, and improve physical and academic performance. This class emphasizes skills such as: cultivating willpower, mindfulness-based practices, identifying negative thoughts and developing more positive ones, managing intense negative emotions, connecting with others in meaningful ways, making healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of getting good sleep. Offered with an emphasis on learning resilience skills in educational settings and how these skills benefit all students.

Open to all undergraduates.

Earn a Certificate in Business Essentials

Students will get a thorough grounding in the fundamental aspects of business: marketing, management, accounting and finance. In three complementary courses, students will learn about customer markets, business models, people management, core business processes, financial basics, ethics and other topics.

The program includes a capstone project that requires students to author a business plan for a startup venture, product line or existing organization. Taught by Foster School faculty. (12 credits)
Appropriate for all students, especially those interested in starting their own business or in pursuing management positions. Course credit cannot be applied towards a UW Business degree.

Please contact Rick McPherson ( if you have questions.

Please see the attached flyer for more information: BusEssentialsFlyer

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