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EOP Scholars Academy Team

Luz M Iñiguez

EOP Director

Meet Luz

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Joseph Fuller

EOP Scholars Academy Instructor

Meet Joey

I am adopted. I am a person who has never met their biological parents.

I am a person of color. I am a person of mixed ethnicities.

I am from south Seattle. I am someone who has struggled with my own identity.

I am the first person in my family to graduate from college.

I am a person who has had to make sacrifices to get where I am today.

I am someone who has failed over and over again.

I am resilient. I am a continuous learner.

I am against racial injustice.

I am against police brutality.

I support any movement or organization that fights for the equal rights and equal treatment of people who have been oppressed by the government and society.

I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve upward mobility, regardless of their background.

I am Joey Fuller. I am EOP.

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Kristen Do

Teaching Assistant

Meet Kristen

Hello, my name is Kristen Do and I’m from Lynnwood, WA. I’m super excited to be a part of the EOP team as a teacher assistant this year! I am a first year student and currently planning on majoring in Public Health. Outside of school, I really love to film and edit. I usually film my trips when I travel and or of small adventures with my friends. I am hoping to look into minoring in some sort of program relating to my interest. As I am still exploring my options here at UW, EOP’s aspirations and explorations in the diversity here have piqued my interests. And as I continue my studies here at UW and work through EOP, I am hopeful I will be able to work and grow alongside you all!!

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Gabriela Claravall

Teaching Assistant

Meet Gabriela

Hello, my name is Gabriela Claravall, and I am excited to serve as a teaching assistant for the EOP Scholars academy. I am a senior majoring in Public Health-Global Health, Medical Anthropology and Global Health, and Anthropology of Globalization. I am from Seattle, Washington and during my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, camping, and hiking with friends and family. Some of my academic interests include population health, global infectious disease, and epidemiology and I aspire to become a physician. Outside of classes, I am involved in global health research that focuses on HIV/AIDS and postmaternal health outcomes. I am extremely proud to call myself a husky, and my UW experience has opened up so many gates of opportunities that have ushered me to new friendships and new ways of learning, which have greatly impacted both my personal growth and educational development. I wish you the best on your journey and feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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Future you as an engaged student!

You are a leader!

You are a leader!

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