OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

Linda Ando (Husky Pod)

Lead EOP Academic Counselor


  • I am a proud 2.5 generation Japanese American, first generation college graduate who has travelled the world and witnessed humanity in action and the kindness of people.  
  • I am a descendant of immigrant farmers who toiled the earth and taught me the meaning of family, community, sharing and preserving culture and traditions.  
  • I am an activist, artist and community member who vows to speak up, stand up against institutional & systematic racism and support social justice and equity for our immigrant, refugee and diverse communities. 
  • I am compassionate, a creative spirit, fierce advocate for our EOP students to earn their UW education and achieve their wildest dreams. We will work together to discover your amazing talents and the impact you will make in your community and the world. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!   
  • I am an ally for our students and families dealing with mental health and wellness. Together we will break the culture of silence, RISE UP in a caring way for one another . . . .  You Are Not Alone and You Matter! 
  • I believe in the Freedoms of all people who are oppressed and we can create a community and world of respect, humanity and hope for generations to come.  
  • I am Linda  Ando, I am EOP