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Ordering PCBs from Seeed Studio

NOTE: The Seeed Studio website layout changes often but the information is still correct.

NOTE: These instructions are only for bare PCBs. To order mostly populated OD board PCBs see OD Board instructions.

Seeed studio is a very cheap PC board house, even when factoring shipping from China. If your prefer a domestic (to the USA) source then I recommend OHS Park or Advanced Circuits if you're in a hurry. Regardless of the PCB manufacturer, they all take the same files.

To order from seeed start by zipping all the production files in the board directory. Name the zip 'production_files.zip'

Next navigate to Seedstudio's website and log in. If you don't have an account yet, make one and then log in. This is important because if you do not log in, you'll have to start over just before placing your order.

From SeeedStudio's main page select Fusion->Fusion PCB or just click here (make sure to log in!).

On the website fill out the first page as follows (feel free to change quantity, color and surface finish if you like) then click the next button. Note that the order form has changed to add "Panelized PCB". Select No for that option.

On the "Upload Gerber File" page select the zip file you just made (production_files.zip) and click next.

Check that the quotation looks right (it should be <30usd for 10 boards), add to card, and check out. Note that the default shipping option can take 30 days so if you need them faster please choose a different option.

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Page last modified on February 22, 2017, at 10:25 PM