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10/02/2016 - Source has been moved!

The source for all hardware and software has been moved to https://github.com/Flexostat. There have been some significant changes, especially to the OD boards that are only reflected there. Additionally I have made a new Docs repository which will contain new documentation as it's written. It's sparse right now but please check there (and the .md files associated with each repository) first.


11/18/2014 - Takahashi Instruments, LLC is now selling pre-made turbidostat components.

A lot of people expressed interest in just buying parts of the turbidostat. To that end, I've formed an LLC and can now sell premade chambers with electronics and stirrers. I'm also working on a single chamber syphoning turbidostat based on the Flexostat chamber design. The single chamber "Syhponstat" should be a fairly low barrier to entry model for those who want to test the waters, but don't need multiplex setups or dilution rate estimates. For more information don't hesitate to email me at: cnt at uw dot edu


11/18/2014 - Flexostat 2.0

I've push to git the Flexostat 2.0. Not a lot has changed but the mainboard, which can now drive 9+ solenoid pinch valves. Because it may break some firmware compatibility I've incremented the major version number.

One important note is that the step by step assembly instructions for the mainboard are now have inaccurate component placement. I've uploaded a photo that should illustrate correct part placement the 2.0 board. The instructions still show the technique in the step by step, but you'll have to check the reference photo for exact components and placement.


8/28/2014 - Firmware license has been changed

The firmware is pretty trivial so I've changed the license to a simplified BSD license. It basically says, do what you want so long as you mention that some of the code is licensed through the BSD license.


7/23/2014 - The Flexostat is now published!

The "Flexostat" paper has been accepted to ACS Synthetic Biology and is currently in the "just accepted" Articles ASAP section SEED 2014 special issue.

DOI: 10.1021/sb500165g


5/1/2014 - Pre-assembled circuit boards!

I have received the first batch of test circuit boards. There was a missing trace, but once corrected the boards are working great! (These have been correct and the boards work). This means that from now on the majority of the soldering can be done for you. Of course, you can always do it yourself if you like, just order the PCBs and the items in the BOM file included with the design files.

Next up will be preassembled main boards. That may end up being less economical due to the fact that the minimum assembly quantity is 5 but we'll see. I'll keep this section up to date on the mainboard progress.

As always, labs that are uncomfortable soldering (or who need any other help at all) contact me and we can work something out.


3/10/2014 - COMING SOON: Pre-assembled circuit boards

Seeed Studio has come up with a basic set of parts that they will source and assemble in house. For the turbidostat chamber boards the additional cost comes out to be about $5-$10 per board depending on if you include the change in the Bill of Materials (BOM). This new version will also support bipolar steppers for stirring, which should allow me to replace the End of Lifed (EOLed) stir motors currently in the BOM. I think this is a great thing and very worth while since assembling the circuit boards is the most challenging step for a novice. The current version of the circuit boards will always be available in git hub for those who want to assemble themselves to lower the cost.


3/10/2014 - News section added!

I've added a news section to the site so that people can check back and read about recent updates

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