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This project started as a collaboration between the Klavins lab and The Dunham lab here at the University of Washington.

In particular

  • Aaron Miller: Created the Ministats (jove article | Lab website) that provided the technical basis for initial iterations on our technology and has provided continued design input in optimizing the technology.
  • Maitreya Dunham: Provided feedback and insight into continuous culture and yeast biology.

We are also currently collaborating with the The Tabor lab on some exciting new modifications.


I'd like to acknowledge the following people and groups for their help testing and providing feedback.

  • The Tabor lab at Rice University.
    • Eval Olson: An early adopter and winner of coolest derivative design.
    • Felix Ekness: Formally an undergraduate in our lab now working in the Tabor lab. Felix, built a derivative design that measures bulk fluorescence in situ
  • The Savage lab at UC Berkeley.
    • Avi Flamholz: Built a turbidostat and cleaned up a good portion of the code.
  • The Murray lab at Cal Tech.
    • Vanessa Jonsson: Has the first working version.
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