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The pump interface as well as the controller interface has been moved to plugins in order to allow maximum flexibility.

Pump Plugin Interface

NOTE: subject to change!

class Pump:
    """ The Pump driver


    def __init__(self,cparams,logfiles,pparams,cport,pport):
        cparams: a dictionary containing all controller parametrs from
        logfiles: deprecated
        pparams: a dictionary containing all pump parameters from config.ini
        cport: an open serial port object for controlling the controller board,
            which may or may not have the pump attached depending on the
        pport: an open serial port object for controlling the pump.  may go
            unused (eg 3d printed pump is controlled from cport)

        NOTE: cport and pport also have thread locks associated with them
            (named .lock).  they should only be used with their lock.

    def withdraw(self, volume):
        """  Instruct the pump to withrdraw volume units.


    def dispense(self,volume):
        """  Instruct the pump to dispese volume units.


    def waitForPumping(self):
        """ Block until pumping is done


Control Algorithm Interface

TODO: document

class State:
    """ The state variable for the control function.

    This does not need to adhere to any proper interface although a
    readable __str__() method is highly recommended to allow for debugging.
    def __init__(self):

    def __str__(self):

def computeControl(self,od,z=None,chamber=0,time=0.0):
    """  Controller function

    self: self refers to the main controller object that contains
    all state such as the parameters file.  computeControl should never write
    to any members of self
    od: current od of the camber
    chamber: the chamber number indexed from zero
    time: the current time since start up.

    Returns: a tuple (list of dilution values for this chamber, state object)


    return (u,z)
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