Data Management & Statistics (DMS) Core

The DMS Core provides database management and biostatistical support to the Cores, Projects, Pilot Projects, and nationwide collaborators of the UW ADRC, both in the initial project design phase of studies and in later stages, when investigators are preparing manuscripts and performing statistical analyses and interpretations.

Members include statisticians, computer specialists, and staff who interact with the cores, projects, and pilot projects of the UW ADRC. In their various roles, they are responsible for data management, statistical consulting, and some analysis for projects, cores, and other users of the resources of the UW ADRC.

ADRC's Data Core Database: For members of the UW ADRC *only* who need a link the the ADRC's Data Core Database, contact the data manager, Will Affleck-Asch,,  DMS Core director, Ellen Wijsman,



1. Provide database management support for projects, cores, and pilot projects, such as uploading the clinical neuropathological and targeted genotyping data to the National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, and the Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) module. Coordinating data flow and monitoring of data collection and quality.

2. Provide statistical support for projects, cores, pilot projects and other users of ADRC resources. DMS Core provided statistical consulting and/or assistance with data analysis for 30 different projects involving investigators at 23 different institutions (including ADRC members, affiliates, and non-ADRC members at the University of Washington, leading to publication and abstracts.

3. Maintain necessary computing environments.


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