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Clean Development

The Millenium Development Goals, agreed to by every member country of the United Nations in 2000, call for the worldwide eradication of poverty and hunger, universal education, gender equality and huge improvements in health by 2015: two years ago!!

Can we do this without making the planet warmer?

Let's think big and imagine how we can confront the climate crisis in a way that is realistic about the other major problems that we face as a planet and as a species on it.

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Clean Development

Recent posts:

LeftOverSalmon0   2021-10-15 17:55:02
Reducing Carbon Footprint #2

If we do somethings at home by hand or use electric tools (if possible for you) we can reduce the carbon footprint a lot. Even if we reduce the footprint of what we did at home by a quarter, that would be almost 1000 kgs (2204 pounds) which would leave the average usage around the world to about 8800 kgs per capita.

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lusap789   2021-10-13 09:39:56
Stop littering

Littering can lead to an unhealthy environment. When we litter, we are dirtying up our planet and affect other communities around us. Also, a lot of this plastic waste we litter can be consumed by animals because they think it is food. This causes them to die and maybe have a huge decrease in their population. Let's keep our planet healthy.

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Julian James-Jardines   2021-10-09 01:40:25
How uses gas fuels is killing us and the planet

For years now the word has relied on gas and oil fuel vehicles to bring us transport. Little do people know or care hoe this could be affecting them. The after product of running gas through your car is green house gases and to many green house gases can cause for to little sunlight to get through to earth. We also breath in these toxic fumes damaging or lungs and body.

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quanb   2021-10-08 09:10:39 (Last post: 2021-10-08 15:13:04)
Reformation of Transportation

One of the major contributors to carbon emission is the vehicles we travel around with. Vehicles that use gasoline for fuel releases tons of Co2 into the atmosphere every year. Coming from a MEDCs like Vietnam, our streets are filled with motorbikes and cars that only use gasoline. I know the same applies to many other countries as well. That is why I believe now is the time for the transition of using other eco-friendly alternatives such as electric or vegetable oil. Electric can easily be generated from renewable energy resources from wind farms, solar panels, and tidal power. We have already seen a first glance at the success that electric cars could bring from their recent use in the U.S. Without a doubt, a reformation to sustainable fuel will help us reduce our carbon emissions significantly.

Bijan   2021-10-08 15:13:04

Hi, I agree that cars that use oil are playing a huge part in pollution. Hybrid and electric vehicles can help save our environment by limiting the amount of carbon dioxide that get released into the atmosphere. Converting all the cars from oil to electric would be very difficult and most likely wouldn't happen until the far future, but each conversion would help the environment bit by bit.

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ndkn on MC   2021-10-07 17:50:11 (Last post: 2021-10-08 11:24:44)
Electric Vehicles vs Gasoline Vehicles - Which is more friendly?

I, personally don’t own an Electric Vehicle, but I understand people’s reasoning of owning an electric vehicle. I competed in a competition in which the main goal was to explain the differences between electric vehicles and and gasoline vehicles. I believe that Electric Vehicles are superior in terms of them not emitting as much co2, but they still emit some co2. Opinions below?

Esha22   2021-10-07 19:21:11

I agree, electric powered vehicles don't need motor oil changes and while that still emits some CO2, it is much lower than the emissions from a gas powered vehicle. Because they have not tailpipe, pure electric cars can produce little to no carbon dioxide while driving. Although the production of an electric car tends to be have a higher emission than that of a conventional car, in the long run the carbon emissions of an electric car tends are around 17-30% lower.

DL941   2021-10-08 11:24:44

In general, I do agree with the fact that electric vehicles are considered to be less environmentally impactful than gasoline vehicles. However, electric vehicles can also cause huge detrimental impacts on the environment. For instance, the magnets found in permanent magnet motors contain rare earth metals in which the mining process requires much energy and can release toxic compounds. Moreover, electric vehicles aren't truly zero emissions in many cases. This is because some electricity provided to electric vehicles comes from the burning of fossil fuels in a distant power plant making their pollution much higher than gasoline vehicles. But, overall, if advanced technology used in the future can solve these related issues, electric vehicles will be much better for the environment than gasoline vehicles.

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Saketaram Parvataneni   2021-10-07 20:55:19 (Last post: 2021-10-07 21:44:15)
Clean Development ideas

I think to reduce greenhouse gas emissions we need to have more clean development solutions. An example of this could be to use products that can be recycled to reduce pollution which would help have better clean development. Another example could be to use electric cars to also reduce the amount of pollution on the Earth. Electric cars instead of cars that use gasoline could also help improve clean development on the Earth. A third solution for helping Clean Development could be to travel better and using less energy. Traveling better could be carpooling or taking public transportation or using a bicycle instead of a car.

monkeowen   2021-10-07 21:44:15

I do like your point about having more electric cars because of their lesser effect on the environment but I don't think that is a good long-term solution. The process of mining the Lithium required to make car batteries is extremely harmful to the environment and then transporting it to the assembly plant is another way the process creates pollution. I think if we can find a way to recycle the batteries better and reuse them the whole idea would be a lot more effective. I think the most effective thing that you mention would be taking public transportation or carpooling.

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Javier2061   2021-03-11 01:53:10 (Last post: 2021-10-07 21:24:45)

To improve and change the world we have to recycle and help the world for example when you rinse you turn off the water so we don't waste it, or when we brush our teeth you stop the water until you need it.

Aya.S   2021-03-11 01:55:18

Well done, I like your idea

Davi132110   2021-03-11 01:56:26

thats a very good idea i do that in my house

07_alex07   2021-03-11 01:59:10

The truth is that I think exactly the same and not only the water but to recycle the products or another very good idea would be instead of using the car so much if you have to move around the city or town use the bicycle and if it is in your own town walking, a personal comment of mine is that, for example, if I have to move around town, I take my electric skateboard, which pollutes less.

Lidia.L1   2021-03-11 01:59:43

I think that all the people must to do in their house.Well done

Juan Antonio 2   2021-03-11 01:59:45

Hi Javi, I like your ideas, if everyone did the same or followed these tips or other similar ones, the levels of contamination would decrease.

GaneshK   2021-10-07 12:47:33

Yes, I agree completly. I am at fault for wasting water when brushing my teeth, and I myself need to imporve. I appreciate you spreading this message, as every little thing helps, and your voice has changed my sets of thoughts.

Julie Chao   2021-10-07 17:20:29

I completely agree. Those small actions can all add up and help the environment much more than you think.

TigerOnline   2021-10-07 18:35:23

Yes, Mr. Javier I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on how the environment can be improved, we do need to turn off the water when we are brushing our teeth because wasting water is not good. I will now pay attention to when I have the water on when I am brushing my teeth and kick myself if I do. Thank you for sharing

lime9463   2021-10-07 19:31:30

I strongly agree with your claim, recycling is probably one of the easiest accessible things for us to do to help the environment.

Lea9610   2021-10-07 19:36:04

I definitely agree with this post! Recycling our plastic will prevent them ending up in our landfills, killing our marine life, and polluting our water. These small changes in our daily lives, like turning off running water and recycling, will certainly improve and change our world in a positive manner.

Weed Wacker   2021-10-07 20:42:23

I agree. Just small things like turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth may seem insignificant, but over time they add up and will definitely go a long way in ending this problem.

Smith_5227   2021-10-07 20:56:49

I agree. Even though it seems like a small thing. If everyone does this small thing that that becomes a big thing and helps the environment a lot. Turn off the water until you need it(it does make a difference)!

Saketaram Parvataneni   2021-10-07 21:24:45

Hi Javier,
I also agree with your statements. I also think that recycling is a major way to have better clean development on the Earth. Turning off the water when doing things like brushing your teeth is also a good idea because it is an easy way to improve the environment. Another way to have more clean development could be to use more efficient transportation.

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wiggina   2021-10-07 17:17:32
Development of undeveloped countries

I think that an important aspect of lowering carbon emissions is finding a way of clean development. Countries like Nigeria, Niger, and other countries that are in the process of developing need a way to cleanly develop without carbon emissions; Considering the sheer amount of people that they have not being fully developed, a fully developed Nigeria would require tons of carbon emissions to built facilities for all the people that a fully developed Nigeria would have. If nothing is done about clean development then it would lead to an ever larger carbon emission because this second wave of development would dwarf the old development of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and other long developed countries.

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Carlos Armenta Ruiz   2021-10-07 15:50:38
Keeping Our Environment Clean

In my opinion, there are many effects to having a huge amount of carbon footprint but,four of the effects that have a huge impacts with humans is people that smoke, using to much plastic when we can reduce the amount of plastic that we use, water, and energy. Water is a major effect when it can effect our life at any time like wasting water or taking to much time showering. This can effect us by having a water shortage and not having water when we need it.

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Ragna   2021-10-06 15:16:02 (Last post: 2021-10-07 15:15:57)
We all should stop using plastic bags as well as non reusable plastic

We all should stop using plastic bags as well as non reusable plastic and instead use something that will break down in the nature

Hannah Le   2021-10-07 13:46:38

This is very agreeable. I see plastic bags everywhere on the street and it pains me that people don't pick up or reuse what they get. This shows that we don't care what we do, just to make our lives easier. The plastic bags that can break-down are a good substitute for normal bags and even if they aren't better, they're better for the environment. This could solve a lot of trash problems that are currently in the ocean.

SarahZ   2021-10-07 15:15:57

I agree with this as well, there is no reason other than accessibility why plastic bags and non-reusable plastic should be continued to be used and just left in our environment to harm others. With our modern production capabilities, many substitutes, that are just as good if not better, have been made using way less harmful chemicals and other things that continue to harm our environment.

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Bottaccio   2021-04-25 23:43:34 (Last post: 2021-10-07 13:47:29)
Clean development

In my opinion to have a clean development we don't smoke, we reduce the consume of plastic, water and energy.

Trevor Tran   2021-10-07 11:05:27

I agree with you, but I also think that we can do a lot more than that to develop a clean environment. We could use alternative energy to produce products, try to make cheaper and more electric cars, and maybe even ban the use of fossil fuel. The last one is really extreme but I think that if we could do that one day, then the amount of fossil fuel in the air would go away.

Subbiahn0335   2021-10-07 12:32:16

I agree with your last statement Trevor, about the banning of fossil fuels. We have other forms of producing energy that may not give us as much as fossil fuels, but are definitely sustainable and are actually better for our earth. Things like Hydroelectric, Harnessing the wind, also maybe even nuclear energy.

GaneshK   2021-10-07 12:51:57

Yes, I agree that we do need to stop wasting preciosus resources. Our planet is already strugling to support 7 billion people,and to support more we need to be more consevative.

Skyter41   2021-10-07 13:24:59

Yes, I agree, but, I think that this will be hard to do immediately.  Many people are addicted to smoking, and will not change their ways so easily.  And, it will also be hard to convince others to limit their plastic, water, and energy use, because it doesn't technically affect them personally.

mubirub8772   2021-10-07 13:43:14

I also agree with your last statement, as well. Things such as reduce the amount of materials we use everyday is an easy fix, but for those that are addicted to things such as smoking,you will need some heavy convincing if you wanted worldwide change in smoking habits.

C5753   2021-10-07 13:47:29

I agree, we should save our resources. Even though stopping old habits is hard, we should do so for our environment.

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tajee   2021-10-07 13:42:04
Use Renewable Resources

We all have our wants and needs but, some don't realize that they are harming our environment while doing it. Things like driving, electricity, even cows are contributing to our carbon footprint as a society. We need to use more of the renewable resources that are available at the moment. The problem is that some people can't afford to switch their entire lifestyle to use more renewable resources like using solar panels. To some people, solar panels are a good investment to others they are too expensive. Renewable resources need to be made more accessible to all.

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