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Corporate responsibility / ISCFC Discussion Forum
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Corporate responsibility (new topic, Sep 2021!)

How much responsibility do corporations have for the climate crisis and for stepping up with solutions?

Here at the ISCFC we are committed to promoting personal, community, national and planetary solutions to reduce our environmental impacts and boldly confront the climate crisis. But as individuals, we can feel powerless when there are huge corporations -such as the fossil fuel industry and factory farms– that are disproportionately responsible for carbon emissions of the past and the present.

What should we do about this? Do you agree that corporations should do more? And if so, what does that mean exactly? How do we persuade or impel polluting industries to change their ways?

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Corporate responsibility

Recent posts:

natfr0g   2021-10-14 20:16:54
The Root

Many people have done a lot to reduce their waste or any kind of pollution they produce in an effort to reduce the overall pollution of our environment. Though this is heavily appreciated we forget that even with this effort corporations still shove many single use plastics (and just plastics in general) down our throats every where we turn, whether it's in supermarkets, fast food chains, or restaurants consuming some sort of plastic is inevitable. Instead of corporations having an option to continue using plastics or not, they should be obligated to reduce plastic packaging etc. this would be a very difficult change but it is what is necessary if we want to make a greater change for our environment. By attacking the roots.

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Mia Orta   2021-10-10 12:52:12 (Last post: 2021-10-10 21:52:56)
Large corporations tend to gloss over how large of a carbon footprint

Large corporations tend to gloss over how large of a carbon footprint their corporations leave behind. Of course it's important to take into consideration how much they are producing for the entire world, but if 100 or so companies are responsible for 71% of all global emissions ( according to the article Corporate Honesty and Climate Change: Time to Own Up and Act by Joshua Axelrod) Then we have a serious problem. Companies with such a large reach globally need to own up to their actions and find more sustainable ways to make their products, with the amount of money these large corporations make, it shouldn't be a impossible task. This may not happen for a long time however since corporations tend to make excuses as to why they can't go green, in the meantime it's crucial that people buy from companies who are already using sustainable energy.

maggot   2021-10-10 21:52:56

This is really interesting, There's an interesting case to look at on the topic of corporate responsibilities in climate change. I am referencing the shell corp case basically stating that they had to not only pay/take responsibility for their own emissions that are made internally in the company but also all the emissions that are caused by their product( gas).  this seems like a big step forward in the movement to keep these large corporations responsible for their carbon footprint and not leaving them any loopholes to jump through

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Vicente G   2021-09-30 17:50:59 (Last post: 2021-10-10 12:49:43)
Corporations and Money

Corporations that spew carbon dioxide is a major reason why climate change exists. Corporations know about the effect that their industries are doing to our planet, but they are greedy for money and continue to go emit Co2 without regard for our environment. Since so many employees and citizens rely on these corporations to make money and everyday materials (such as oil, gasoline, and more), it is hard for corporations to immediately stop making Co2. What we can do is transition to buying from corporations that use more reusable and clean energy sources like wind power, solar panels, and hydropower. This will result in those heavy Co2 emitting companies making less profit since there are fewer customers. We can also make petitions and protests to shut down corporations that expend lots of Co2. We can open more corporations that are good for the environment which can create more jobs for everyone.

Naomimcm(canada)   2021-10-01 22:30:53

I agree with you. We often give the citizens the blame and tell them that they are the issue and need to change their; diet, travel less or buy an electric car, and these are not reasonable requests as some people cannot afford to live this way. If we were to have more developed countries take more responsibilities and actions, it would be more realistic. Even if you as an individual were to cut 100% of your carbon emissions for ever you would be eliminating the amount of CO2 that is being produced EVERY 1 second! It is necessary that these big companies that are responsible for a ton of CO2 production to take action and reasonability for this problem.

juliadi   2021-10-03 11:18:35

I definitely agree. Instead of trying to solve the problem by telling individuals to limit their carbon emissions we should focus on rules/laws to stop huge corporations from dumping co2 into the environment. Also, even if lot of people actually can make a difference, many of them ultimately don't end up changing their lifestyle even if it isn't too expensive or hard for them to do.

Mia Orta   2021-10-10 12:49:43

I 100% agree with you. A lot of these " go green" campaigns and ads tend to push the fact that the average everyday people are the ones responsible for climate change and CO2 emissions. Although the average person does play a part in CO2 emissions its not nearly as big of a part as these large corporations who tend to just ignore what they're doing to our environment. The average person usually can't afford to " go green" but giant companies with billions of dollars to spend have no excuse as to why they cant make some effort to be more environmentally sustainable.

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Gavin.Hatcher   2021-10-09 17:51:39
Corporate responsibility

If we want to stop climate change and make the world a better place, then we need to put more pressure on corporations to reduce their carbon footprint. The top 100 companies are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions so it doesn’t really matter how much you reduce your carbon footprint, because corporations will still be making more greenhouse gas emissions than anyone else. … 2021864894

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FieldenJoelsonQ   2021-10-09 00:31:38
Environmental performance

When it comes to environmental impact and sustainability, it becomes incredibly hard to compare corporations due to the lack of standardized reporting. Each corporation presents their data in a way that paints them in the most positive light, and the different metrics make it so that the corporations can't be directly compared, apples to oranges etc. - this article talks about it in depth

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Ben Mark   2021-10-09 00:16:53
Businesses have to do their part in order to stop climate change.

A significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere are caused by commercial businesses. Practically everything from big corporations to small farms produce some amount of greenhouse gases. As a result of this, those businesses will need to significantly reduce their output of greenhouse gases in order to stop climate change. The efforts of individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough unless these businesses also take action.

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LiliroseL   2021-10-08 23:57:51
Corporate responsibility

I noticed that especially recently, in the wave of an attempt to reduce the environmental impact humanity has upon Earth and slow down global warming, many environmental activists attempt to spread the message of personal responsibility and making small changes upon lifestyle, pushing the agenda that this will cause a larger wave of activism. "If everybody changes one thing in their personal lifestyle, it can cause a chain event ! Everyone can do SOMETHING to help earth!" However, it comes down to the fact that companies and large corporations are mainly responsible for many of the climate crisis's we are undergoing right now. They exploit lower class people who are unable to purchase and utilize more environmentally healthy things, and force them to buy more cheap, but also environmentally harming products. There is no way for this group of individuals to change their lives in a way that is sustainable for upper class folks with large amounts of money, but detrimental to lower class folks whose lives are almost entirely consumed with cheap but also environmentally harming produce.

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Moss_Elf   2021-10-07 13:45:41 (Last post: 2021-10-08 23:56:43)
capitalism cheese

Our current state of capitalism makes it basically impossible for the average person to do anything, anything we do to stop it corporations do tripple to harm the earth. We need to get the big boy corporations to actually help and do something but many are greedy or are gaining to much money to stop. Unless we make a law or change the way our goverment works it might be almost impossible to get them to stop and help but if they did it would definitly slow down global warming faster than ever before.

FieldenJoelsonQ   2021-10-08 23:56:43

You are absolutely correct in pointing out the conflict of interests that makes it ill-advised to trust corporations in matters pertaining to the climate. Their only goal is profit, giving them truly no reason to self-regulate. They need to be held accountable for the harm that they have caused and continue to cause to our planet, which we as consumers don't really have the power to do.

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YCUL   2021-10-08 22:11:05
The impact of large corporations

Despite individual’s efforts to reduce climate change, unless we can convince companies to use more sustainable manufacturing methods, there will be little positive change towards making our earth a better place. These methods may include switching to more sustainable sources of energy, and using biodegradable packaging materials in packaged products.

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Moffatm1295   2021-10-08 11:53:46
Corporate Responsibility

I think that larger corporations need to start taking responsibility for the number of carbon emissions they put out into the environment. We as a society can do our best to lower our own carbon footprint, but in the US alone “food and beverage companies create almost 650 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses every year”(Axelrod). Many companies have tried to target ways of lowering the number of greenhouse gases they are putting out but a lot of the time don't put into consideration the upstream and downstream admissions their product makes. So the only way to really help lower our greenhouse gas emissions is to hold companies and ourselves responsible and to start trying to make changes today.

Axelrod, Joshua. “Corporate Honesty and Climate Change: Time to Own Up and Act.” NRDC, 28 Feb. 2019,

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seralise   2021-10-07 19:51:18 (Last post: 2021-10-07 21:19:54)
The responsibility of corporations

Often times there is quite a bit of responsibility and stress placed upon the consumer to work towards reducing their carbon footprint. What people don't necessarily realize is that it's not only the consumer's job to do that, but also the producers. Pretty much all of the producers are major world corporations and companies and they're a massive contributor to the world's carbon footprint. The unfortunate thing is, corporations are unwilling to step up and work towards creating products that are cleaner, safer, and that use renewable energy because it would cost more. Except the thing is, yes, at first, it would cost the companies lots of money, but as they went on producing these products it would eventually become cheaper and more accessible. So, while some responsibility falls onto the consumer, it mainly and LARGELY falls onto the corporations and companies.

wmetcalf22   2021-10-07 20:21:03

I very much agree, I believe that in our American society there even is a purpose blame that was put on the consumer to make it seem like it is a problem that can be fixed by picking up your trash and turning lights. Yet in reality it is a societal problem that can only be fixed by changing society. This means acknowledging that corporations have a large responsibility to fix this and that on their own they will not change and their goal will only be the short term gain of making more money. Also in the end environmental damage will create a bigger economic crisis in the future which will be worse for these corporations.

jyi123   2021-10-07 20:54:53

I totally agree with your idea, picking up trash and reusing plastic bags and bottles can only go so far. At the end of the day, the main contributors to pollution are the major corporations and factories. There have been movements within large corporations to lower their footprint, many stores now promote reusable shopping bags and charge money for the plastic ones, restaurants are cracking down on the use of plastic straws and shifting to paper ones. However there is still much more that can be done. Coming off the pandemic, I think one thing that we can learn is the benefits of remote work. Companies should support employees to work at home which is more sustainable and may even be more efficient. This is just one simple idea but it would be monumental for corporations to lead by example within saving our planet.

1294035029395434596049335   2021-10-07 21:19:54

I do agree that the major corporations will need to solve our issues of pollution and that they will need to be responsible for creating a cleaner planet. The only problem is that these companies will not take the short-term loss that would be required for a major change in the industry. To them, it is not worth the positive publicity or the satisfaction of creating a better world when they are making the money that they are in their current state. On top of this, they are under severe pressure from not only the heads of the company and of the industry but also the stock shareholders who are expecting continual growth. They will not only lose money in possible sales but they will lose vital investment dollars that are coming in based on the fact that they are continuing to make healthy profits.

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TigerOnline   2021-10-07 18:08:29
Companies making the earth kinda hot

Corporations are great. They provide for the human population by producing things that we need, things that we demand. However, when businesses try to reduce costs or when they try to produce something, they have a huge carbon footprint. Factories will release tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, leading to the earth heating up. A great way to counter this is to have the government regulate more strictly what companies can do in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

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