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Environmental Justice (new topic, Feb 2021!)

Can we solve the climate crisis without confronting global inequities?

A recent study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA found that white residents in the USA produce more climate pollution than black or hispanic residents, but black and hispanic people are exposed to more air pollution.

And that is just the USA! Think about the global inequities in the "haves" and the "have nots".

And how are we going to lift people out of poverty without making the climate crisis even worse?

If you are a resident in a wealthy country, is it your responsibility to address both problems at once? And what would that look like in terms of national and international policy?

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Environmental Justice

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Ben Castillo   2021-10-15 19:26:36
Picking up our trash

Humans put so much trash into our environment, on beaches theirs plastic bottles an other trash like plastic and that's going into where the animals live. Animals are being found with plastic in their stomachs and dying at a rapid rate because of this. Instead of throwing the trash out, put it in a bag or find a thrash can and put it there and not into animal habitats.

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kristy_y   2021-10-10 22:23:30 (Last post: 2021-10-11 18:44:23)
holding company's accountable for environmental damages

We need to start holding companies accountable for damages they've made to the environment like cleaning up their own oil spill, deforestation, fires caused by the compony and so on. So far, a majority of them who do cause these problems NEED to take care of the problem by helping the aftermath and reflecting on what caused it and how they can prevent it in the future. They should check that equipment is safe and in working condition, there are no present and possible danger to us people and the environment and so on.

msparano   2021-10-11 18:44:23

I think this is especially important in light of the recent oil spill off the California coast. Companies are continually making risky and sometimes devastating decisions for the sake of profit. Without holding out on companies' profits or major incentive changes we won't be able to help to stop their threats to the environment. One way is to move away from oil dependency as a nation by switching to renewable energy, as well as putting into place harsher laws and repercussions when devastating accidents do occur.

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Robin Da Bank   2021-10-11 11:52:42

These big companies are getting away with lots of pollution and neglect lots of things. We have to follow rules, while big factories can get away with so many things. Factories and big companies need to follow the same rules as we so, and need to be monitored.

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Dimah   2021-10-08 21:34:11 (Last post: 2021-10-09 00:28:48)
How can we help?

I believe that in order to change our environment for the better, we must actually want to make a change. We must use reusable items, use less plastics, not utilize our acs very often, spend less money, etc. People are ruining our earth and taking it for granted, if we maintain this mindset we will no longer have an earth and then we'll start regretting it. So, in order to prevent this from happening we must start working together to make our earth healthier.

LiliroseL   2021-10-09 00:26:06

I think this is a good idea in theory, but I'm sure many people have wanted to make a change and still humanity has a huge environmental footprint. If you look at the statistics, only 100 companies have been responsible for an entire 71% of global emissions since 1988 (a report from 1970). Regardless of how much an individual wants to counteract climate change, individual action in personal life will not be able to turn climate change on it's heel. You also have to take into account that many environmentally-damaging products are also cheaper, and aimed at poorer individuals who have no choice but to rely on those products. It's not simply the general population choosing to ruin our earth, but larger corporations taking advantage.

LiliroseL   2021-10-09 00:28:48

wait not from 1970 i meant to say 2017 oops

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LiliroseL   2021-10-09 00:08:31 (Last post: 2021-10-09 00:16:34)
Environmental Justice

I believe that if you are an upper class rich citizen, you have a greater responsibility in terms of Environmental Justice than a lower class poorer citizen. As a richer individual, you have the ability to create a greater positive impact in reducing climate change than a poorer individual. It's also more sustainable and easier for you to adjust to a sustainable lifestyle and assist others in living a sustainable lifestyle. Many richer individuals also have a more individually negative impact upon the environment (splurging, their own companies anti-environment policies, transportation, non sustainable clothing/food produce, etc.), as well as an ability to avoid the negative impacts of their own environmental harm.

FieldenJoelsonQ   2021-10-09 00:16:34

True, there's a good CNN article about it here smile

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TarunKommoju   2021-10-08 16:21:41 (Last post: 2021-10-08 23:59:53)
Do we have any rights to say about what’s right?

Transportation alone contributes 23% or more every year in the carbon footprint globally.  While we do tell other people and companies about reducing what they do, are we doing it? Shouldn’t we try to reduce the way we travel or something, before we tell others to do so?

FieldenJoelsonQ   2021-10-08 23:59:53

The problem is that corporations and individuals contribute completely different amounts of carbon in different ways. While it is hypocritical to encourage individual action and then not take those actions yourself, corporations have long enjoyed no responsibility for the disproportional harm they have caused.

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sahilsingh5616   2021-10-08 14:30:54
Getting our lawmakers to pass laws to help climate change

A lot of the Carbon in the atmosphere right now are from big factories. While people can do as much as they can to help reduce their carbon footprint, a big part of where it’s coming from are the factories. I think that lawmakers should pass laws that force big factories to use alternative methods for powering their factories and give them a deadline by which they should have changed these methods.

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Furi   2021-10-03 11:15:51 (Last post: 2021-10-07 22:02:15)
Air pollution

Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with tons of dust and other harmful things. As a result many species of animals and plants disappear forever, including fish and birds. Many large cities suffer from factory smog. Their activity pollutes the air, the water, the forests and the land.
Apart from factories there are lots of vehicles in the streets of every more or less developed city.First of all, they exhaust toxic gases into the air. Secondly, they are considered to be the main noise offenders in the city. This problem progresses as the number of cars increases from year to year. As a result the level of harmful substances in the air also increases.
n my opinion, environmental protection should become of a global concern and serious measures should be taken to create ecological security.

Esha22   2021-10-07 19:29:26

I completely agree with you. It's becoming more and more clear that human activities are influencing the environment in a negative way, and that something must be changed. Our cars, cities, factories and agriculture are polluting the world. Things like changing to a more natural energy source are definitely steps we and some companies should take.

lime9463   2021-10-07 19:33:36

I strongly agree with you. The world needs to take action immediately and take air pollution seriously.

Lea9610   2021-10-07 19:41:08

You are absolutely correct. Air pollution is a massive issue that we definitely have to deal with. Humans play a huge role in contributing to the pollution, when they use their cars, burn fossil fuels, etc. We need to find solutions to these issues quickly, for this is a very concerning topic.

Nastaran   2021-10-07 19:48:58

I totally agree with you, the air is important for human health and the environment.

Kurisu   2021-10-07 22:02:15

You are very correct, many people are lacking the knowledge that fossil fuels causes a lot of pollution for our air/atmosphere and cars, both have negative effects on the environment and they're are just ignorant.

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Smith_5227   2021-10-07 20:42:20
Traveling hurts!!

The greenhouse gasses emitted into the environment hurts it a lot. The highest category of my carbon footprint is from traveling. I have 6,911 kgs in the category myself. I believe that a good size of mine is from the car we drive. To make the impact smaller we could use the car less often or get a different car that is not so impactful on the environment. So many other people travel and harm the environment. Some other solutions are public transportation which helps keep another car off the road from polluting the environment. If things are a short bit away and not too far then riding your bike or walking would help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Weed Wacker   2021-10-07 20:17:39

Humans have been polluting the earth for more than decades now. As plastic fills up our oceans and land, burning fossil fuels and the waste from factories fill up the skies. The earth was not like this until we came along and started to mess with it, which is why we need to be the ones to set things right. Protecting the environment should become a bigger concern globally, and people should do their best to recycle, reduce their carbon footprint, etc. If we all work together, even if it takes decades or centuries to undo the damage, we can begin to reduce it little by little.

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SarahZ   2021-10-07 14:58:13
How long can this go on?

We’ve known this problem was happening for years now, yet we have continued to use the same products and produce the same things that cause it. Although large corporations that burn fossil fuels and other things daily should take a lot of blame, normal household also need to take responsibility and initiative to make the change and make a difference. We put ourselves in the situation where our environment and lives are at risk, now what can we do to pull ourselves out of it, even if it means spending years focusing on it?

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Alexandra5424   2021-10-07 13:38:19
turn the lights off ~

“90 percent of Americans say that someone in their household forgets to turn the lights off when they leave a room” why it may not seem like much, leaving the lights on for extended periods of time burns a lot of energy, and money. Maybe for one day it’s not that bad, but if you constantly do this, every year, 365 days, it adds up. Stop, leaving, the lights, on.

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