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roybaxter   2021-07-13 00:05:58
Know About Diabetes

In the 21st century, Diabetes is a very common disease because of lifestyle changes, unhealthy diet, stress, high glucose level, and many more reasons behind it. anyone can't do completely recover from diabetes once they catch it. So you can control diabetes by changing your diet plan, day-to-day life, do some exercise, etc. If you want to know about what are the types of diabetes? Symptoms of it? and how to prevent or control it?

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michBOD   2021-05-02 20:42:38
Displacement and Climate Change

According to UNHCR, an average of 20 million people are displaced from their homes by natural disasters. Examples of natural disasters that cause the wreckage of homes and safety are droughts, fires, floods, and extreme weather conditions. These are all caused by climate change. Greenhouse gases are rising in the atmosphere, caused mostly by human activity, which unbalances the natural system of keeping the Earth habitual. The more our carbon footprint increases, the more natural disasters are bound to happen. Fires in California are becoming more and more common, with 52,113 taking place last year. Those fires caused the destruction of homes and the homelessness of families, much like the flood in Florida did, caused by a concerningly huge hurricane. If the world fails to reduce the uses of greenhouse gases, especially carbon, the lives and integrity of citizens will become more and more threatened by these disasters.

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sbellanger   2021-04-30 05:20:26 (Last post: 2021-04-30 06:52:56)
What we do in Renaudeau High School ( Cholet France ) to be 'green'

We do a lot as my students will let you know soon...

srzju   2021-04-30 05:22:11

At the cafeteria, we eat organic, local food when it's possible, vegeterian meals are available

in.s   2021-04-30 05:24:26

We sort out our waste at the cafeteria

mathis777   2021-04-30 05:24:36

When we connect on the school computers we can use Ecosia a search engine and the more we use it
the more trees are planted

Clementent321   2021-04-30 05:25:09

There is a vegetable garden maintained by some students, called the sustainable development ambassadors. They make Jam, lemonade, and herbal teas for example. We can buy these products and the money goes to the students.

Victoria30   2021-04-30 05:25:30

In Renaudeau we have a vegetable garden maintained by some students, called the sustainable development ambassadors.

Lallie   2021-04-30 05:25:35

There is a vegetable garden maintened by some strudents, called the sustainable development abassadors

Maelle   2021-04-30 05:26:05

We have a vegetable garden maintened by some students, called the sustainable development ambassaadors.

Armel   2021-04-30 05:26:10

The lights in the new building are automatics

Jeannette   2021-04-30 05:26:11

In our highschool, there is a partnership with an association for the protection of birds (LPO), so we have insects hotels, birds houses and there is a pond with frogs and toads

srzju   2021-04-30 05:26:41

Our lights in one of our buildings are automatic

mathis777   2021-04-30 05:27:00

When we connect on the school computers we can use Ecosia a search engine and the more we use it
the more trees are planted

dedel   2021-04-30 05:27:39

There are birdhouses, insect hotels and a pond with frogs and toads.

Lallie   2021-04-30 05:27:43

There are differents colors of bins in the corridors

Armel   2021-04-30 05:27:48

The lights in the new building are automatics

Maelle   2021-04-30 05:28:08

There are differents colors of bins in the corridors

pepoune   2021-04-30 05:28:12

when we connect on the school's computers, we can use Ecosia, a search engine, and the more we use it the more they are planted

lauryne00   2021-04-30 05:28:13

there are solar panels and we buy green electricity from a supplier

Lucienchar   2021-04-30 05:28:42

there is an incentive at machines to encourage students to bring back plastic cups so that they can be recycled.

tahanra   2021-04-30 05:28:45

At Renaudeau there are solar panels and we buy green electricity from a supplier

Maureen35   2021-04-30 05:29:37

At the cafetaria, we eat seasonal fruit and eat food more local than possible.

in.s   2021-04-30 05:29:39

Some students have volunteered to become sustainable development ambasador, to create project, propose initiatives, to encourage others students to be more eco-friendly and to learn about eco-systems, environmental issues...

pepoune   2021-04-30 05:29:56

We can buy these products and the money goes to the students association that sponsors the garden too

Maelle   2021-04-30 05:30:08

There are differents colors of bins in the corridors.

Lucie.m   2021-04-30 05:30:22

there are more and more green plants in classroom

Titouan.B   2021-04-30 05:30:51

in order to pollute less, sorting bins are in almost every corridors of the high school for the students to sort out their trash

jadechaigneau   2021-04-30 05:31:08

There are different bins in the corridor, to help along the sorting in the high school.

Victoria30   2021-04-30 05:31:47

There is a partenership with an association for the protection of birds, so we have insect hotels, bird houses, and there is a pond with frogs and toads

Lucie.m   2021-04-30 05:31:56

there are solar panels and we buy green electricity from a supplier

Titouan   2021-04-30 05:34:25

There are solar panels and we buy green electricity from a supplier.

romain49280   2021-04-30 05:37:55

A vegetable garden has been put in place in order to eat more local and for the high school to make some money over it

mguyot   2021-04-30 05:41:22

some students have volunteeredto become sustainable development ambassadors, to create projects ,propose iniatives ,to encorage other students to be more eco-friendly and to learn about eco-sustems,environmental issues etc...

mguyot   2021-04-30 05:42:38

some students have volunteeredto become sustainable development ambassadors, to create projects ,propose iniatives ,to encorage other students to be more eco-friendly and to learn about eco-sustems,environmental issues etc...

Cmoreau   2021-04-30 06:45:07

We can buy our products from the vegetable garden and the money goes to the students' association that sponsors the garden too

Margaux_150405   2021-04-30 06:52:56

Our project is to re-green the high school by favouring the development of biodiversity instead of tar and concrete. For instance, there are more and more green plants in classroom.

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andreaou   2021-04-30 05:36:41
sustainable development (renaudeau high school)

When we connect on the school's computers, we can use Ecosia, it's a search engine and more we use it, the more trees are planted on the earth.

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Marine   2021-04-30 05:30:47
Sustainable development in Renaudeau High School

In my high school we have a certification called E3D. This means that we are a high school that takes care of the environment. For example, at the cafeteria, we eat organic and local food when it is possible, vegeterian meals ares available. In addition, some students have volunteered to became stainable development ambassadors to create projects and proposes initiative like the use of Ecosia in our computer. And when we use it, tress ares planted.

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Zenone   2020-03-05 03:01:04 (Last post: 2021-04-20 19:26:24)
Human are bad

I see the humans with extreme pessimist point of view i blame them for the extinction of several thousand animal species and they caused the global warming by raising animals producing electricity ect...

teakranjec   2020-03-05 05:38:08

Give some examples please.

Zenone   2020-03-06 03:00:22

over fishing
Petrol extraction
Over hunting

meowens   2020-03-06 10:52:31

trash in our oceans
having to save animals because of our stupid decisions
the fact we have to have breeding programs for almost extinct animals because of us
elephant ivory black market
and more......

A.G.A   2020-03-08 06:36:41

Ok, human are bad, then what? I don't think this kind of thought leads us to any practical solution. So beyond discussing about whether human are bad or not we rather have to focus on our current problemes.

Zenone2   2020-03-17 03:01:41

Our biggest problem is that our governements that have the power to help stop the global warming but they just care to watch their computer and having a nice sofa on he wich they can put their ass on.

FredOgston   2020-09-30 01:57:17

This is a difficult topic for a lot of people, but I have to say I agree with you on this. Humans have done far more damage to the planet than any other force in its entire history (maybe except for events like the Chicxulub impact that killed most things 65 million years ago).

Dean Hinton   2020-09-30 12:07:07

You are right about humans doing a ton of horrible things in our history. But I think that it is more important to focus on what we can do to make up for those mistakes, rather than dwell in the past. All of the bad things that you mentioned are issues that many people are dedicating their lives to solving. Even though humans are ruining this planet we have also done many amazing things. The bad outweighs the good obviously, but we can learn from both the bad and the good.

sofifandi   2020-09-30 14:21:33

I agree! Humans don't care about planet earth, and we should not be polluting our planet. We should be taking care of our planet, because if we don't reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, we will eventually destroy animal's lives and our lives too.

Zenone2   2020-10-01 01:52:14

The only problem is that if the humans change everything to natural energy and it produces 4 times less than the fossil fuel so it will occupy 4 times the spaces involved in fossil uels industry that meanig more cutting down trees. But fossil fuels pollute a lot more than natural fuels and destroying those places will be even more plluting. Third of all even if all the people on earth say to change it will cost an enormity to the governement eradicating those factories so the removal can only be done little by little. Thank you for your attention zenone2.
If you want to contact me my email is m.sassi26@ejm.org

jayarr   2020-12-15 10:20:07

we need to stop using fossil fuels

Zenone2   2020-12-16 01:35:54

Jayarr you have to develop yur statement a bit

JhiMan   2020-12-16 10:22:59

We can reduce home energy

Zenone2   2020-12-16 10:39:14

Developement of idea daaaa

Bill Nguyen   2021-01-07 13:55:53

I agree with you that humans harm our planet. But in my opinion, humans are not that bad anymore. Right now people are doing their best to improve the environment. Many eco supportive programs are being created, different companies change their products and the number of cars and rubbish has greatly decreased. The attitude is changing. I hope that our environmental problems will improve soon.

Zenone2   2021-01-08 06:08:52

People all over the world talk of green and economical growth and ecologie but have the same bad ideas that brought us in this mess !!????

Poiima   2021-04-20 19:12:44

I don't think humans are bad. The things we are doing are bad. But develop more about your statement.

Chiwi_Kiwi   2021-04-20 19:19:17

Humans can be in some aspects badddd. BUt , if ur a fellow human. How would u feel??? Taking actions are not a joke, please elaborate pon ur point @Zenone.

Sora_is_cool   2021-04-20 19:20:56

I agree that not all humans are bad. Sure they have done some things to harm our planet, but they have also done so many things to help our planet such as starting organizations like 4ocean.

hannah123   2021-04-20 19:26:24

I do agree that some human are bad, but we are also humans. I think we should not be blaming ourselves but instead reflect on we can do better to make a world a better place. : ) For example what others said above, maybe we can think of changing everything into natural energy and not using fossil etc... (sorry for the bad grammar)

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Tdenney - SJRState   2021-02-25 19:48:27 (Last post: 2021-04-20 19:08:48)

Believe it or not, agricultural by-products, such as meat, poultry, vegetables, contribute more to global warming than transport fuel burning. Around four hundred twenty billion liters of methane is produced daily by the 1.4 billion cows on Earth. Even though methane dissipates faster than CO2, it is 28 times as potent to the warming of the Atmosphere. So EAT MORE MEAT..... 

Poiima   2021-04-20 19:08:48

I think eating meat is good, but you should have a more balanced diet. And here's a video to help you learn more about eating meat.

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Tdenney - SJRState   2021-02-25 19:36:47 (Last post: 2021-04-20 13:19:13)
The Small things matter

The small details we tend to forget; here are some small ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
- Eat low on the food chain. As you move up in the food chain 90% of energy is released in heat. If you eat lower you will reduce that waste.
- If you are going to fly, fly nonstop since landings and takeoffs use more fuel and produce more emissions.
- Keep the tires on your car properly inflated and get regular tune-ups. When your car’s tires are low on pressure, it has to work harder to move from point A to point B, wasting gas and increasing emissions in the process.
- Consume less. Simply buying less stuff is a good route to lower emissions

margotped   2021-02-26 02:37:17

i've never thought about this before but i absolutely will now!Lots of people don't realise that things as simple as this can have a pretty big affect on their footprints.

Logan64   2021-04-20 13:19:13

I agree with you and I don' think people realize how big of a difference it would make if something like every person had a vegetarian meal once a week. Something so small would make a big difference if everyone did it which people need to be shown.

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FranklinCoffey   2021-03-09 08:09:30
Differences in carbon footprint between warmer and colder reigons

Do you think that there are any differences between the carbon footprints of warmer and colder regions, and if so, why do you think that this might be so?

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GonerTea   2019-04-05 02:45:45 (Last post: 2021-02-25 20:15:55)
Clogging up the our planet.

Most of the students don't think about clogging up our planet.
So many people think that world pollution is a myth that will  never happen. And what does that mean? Our World is  in danger, but only a small part of humanity knows that and tries to change. Other people only aggravate the situation. Everyone should talk about it, everyone should know about it, thats not a joke. People need to unite and try to 'fix' that situation on the Earth or we can live on closing our eyes and losing our Home.

Tdenney - SJRState   2021-02-25 20:15:55

Power and money are two factors that will always counter the effort to reduce to Global Warming. 3rd and 2nd World countries want to develop and industrialize while 1st world countries want to continue their hegemony. This never ending completion will continue the drive of industry and continue the warming of the world.

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Sandy.21   2021-02-23 19:05:18 (Last post: 2021-02-25 19:59:13)

Greenwashing is a false claim that deceives consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly. I have started to recognize this more in society. Numerous fast fashion companies such as H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and others give people the illusion that they are shopping sustainably. However, this is simply a marketing tactic created so that people would not feel guilty purchasing items from these companies. They say that they are ethical when it comes to the production of low-cost fashion items. However,  that is far from the truth. Fast fashion brands seem to only care about profit. They exploit cheap laborers in developing countries, use large amounts of water and oil and dump extra toxic waste in local rivers ad streams, disturbing thousands of people's water sources. The concept of greenwashing also occurs quite a lot in the food industry. Many processed, packaged foods are labeled "healthy and ethically produced."  These are also exemplification unsustainable claims.

Tdenney - SJRState   2021-02-25 19:59:13

As an employee of a Grocery Store, I can confirm greenwashing in the food industry. Many labels such as Fair trade and certified naturally grown often mislead consumers. Fair trade is supposed to show a product that was produced without child labor but often you see product from India and China with those labels (Which are notorious for using child labor). As well, Naturally Grown only requires 75% of a grocery product to be organic which can also be misleading.

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FredOgston   2020-09-30 01:51:15 (Last post: 2021-02-25 13:45:35)
What if there were no more humans?

I’d like to pose an interesting debatable question here: If every human on Earth were to disappear, how would this affect the global climate? Would it become better, and if so, how long would that take? I personally think that the natural environment would eventually return to a stable state, but the damage that we’ve caused is bad enough that it might take several hundreds or even thousands of years to do so.

Tallulah   2021-02-25 13:45:35

This is a more complicated question then most people think. It would be very damaging in the first month or so, but obviously benefitable in the long run. there would be permanent things that will almost never go away, sure as mount Rushmore. Here is an interesting video to watch on this subject.

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